Fire Extinguisher: A very helpful asset in the modern era

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In today’s modern world advancements are being implemented at a very fast rate. In every field the some or the other advancements are occurring in day to day life and that too in huge volumes thus changing the revolution.

This advancement in technology has been able to benefit a large number of peoples and still this is on its way to success. Though this technological advancements have made the working of human life much simpler but at the same time the major issue of ‘fire’ also exists. As more and more of peoples are shifting to the electronic and self operational equipments in their daily routine of life,Guest Posting fire catching risk is there in the same area. The use of devices and material which are highly flammable also give rise to the fire.

The most excellent thing for noticing in this advanced technology that where these advancements have become the source of fire at the same time it is also been able to evolve the devices that help in problem solving of fire which are known as fire extinguisher. Different types of fire extinguishers have made to cope up with different types of fire. The first one is the Water based fire extinguisher. Because of less wider base use this extinguishers is not very commonly preferred and used. While using this type of extinguisher one thing should kept in mind which is if the cause of fire is due to some electrical device then this extinguisher is not to be recommended as when water comes in contact with electrical fires then would work as a conductor of electricity. The usage is only promoted in the fires that are caused except from highly flammable and electrical devices.

The second type of extinguisher is CO2 fire extinguisher. In market this extinguisher is available in foam type is considered to be the best one. This extinguisher is more common in living places. The usage of these extinguishers is much better when compared with water based extinguishers. The one and only disadvantage of these extinguishers is that there are chances that fire may reoccur as these cools out the fire on temporary basis. So when in case fire is caused by an extremely inflammable source then its usage is not recommended because it would help in putting off the fire right then and there but reoccurrence of fire is always there.

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