Genital warts and women

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Aldara cream is a prescription treatment which can help in effectively treating the genital warts

Sexually transmitted infections are common amongst people of both genders and of all ages. A sexually transmitted infection can either be bacterial or viral,Guest Posting and both types can be transmitted through unprotected sexual contact. An STI can be transmitted through various forms of sexual contact, which includes vaginal, oral or anal sex. Most STIs transmitted or contracted by people are bacterial in nature, and fortunately are completely curable. Viral STIs, on the other hand, cannot be cured completely but can be treated with the help of antiviral medications. The two most commonly contracted sexually transmitted viral infections are genital herpes and genital warts, which can produce painful symptoms and discomfort in the infected person.

Genital warts is an infection that produces fleshy growths on your skin. It usually occurs on or around your genitals and anus. In some cases, people develop these growths inside the urethra or vagina, meaning there is no visible sign of them having contracted the infection. If a person has doubts of having contracted genital warts but does not experience symptoms, it is advisable that he or she consults a doctor. It is quite possible that you have developed the warts inside and will require an internal examination. The characteristics of the warts can vary from person to person. The warts you develop may vary in the colour from brown to pinkish, depending on the area where they sprout.The size of the warts can vary from small to large. You may develop warts either in groups or as an individual growth of flesh. These warts at times can become itchy, inflamed or can bleed, though most of the times they are painless. The use of treatment for genital warts can help in relieving you of these warts. The treatment usually comes in the form of topical medication, but at times the warts can also be removed surgically. Genital warts is said to be most common amongst women who are under the age of 30, though it can also occur in women who are over the age of 30. Women who have been diagnosed with this HPV virus may in some cases have had the virus in their system for some time.

If the virus remains inactive in your body for a while, as a result when the symptoms do surface, your immune system finds it difficult to fight the infection off. The topical Aldara cream is a topical medication that has proven to be one of the most effective treatments for genital warts. This cream works as an immune response modifier (IRM), meaning that it modifies the responses of your immune system to encourage the elimination of this infection. It is a topical cream, meaning that it can be used only on external warts. Most [people who are above the age of 12 years can use this medication safely.

Imiquimod is the main ingredient present in Aldara, which plays the major role in treating outbreaks of this infection. If you use this cream as prescribed the outbreak can be treated within the time frame of 16 weeks. The main ingredient present in this topical cream binds to the immune cells that are present in your skin. They enhance the release of the defence chemicals known as cytokines. The cytokines prevent the main function of viral cells – multiplying and spreading in your body. Imiquimod causes your immune system to act directly on the HPV virus cells, which leads to the treating of this infection. Click here to learn more about this medication.

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