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When a person experiences back pain,Guest Posting the most common reaction is to ignore it, hoping it will go and fade away after having some rest. Sure, the pain goes away after a while so there is no need to go and see a doctor. This is a common and yet a wrong approach on pain management because the pain will eventually find its way back since the problem has not been identified and properly addressed. There are many causes of back pain – some result from a lifetime of bad habits, while others arise from muscle strains, sports injuries, or accidents and other things. The treatment will depend on the cause as properly identified by the doctor. And although the causes of back pain may vary, most of the time they share similar symptoms.


In many cases, people just don’t know when it’s time to see the doctor with regards to the pain they have. For those with back pain, there are several indicators that should easily tell that you need to make that appointment with the doctor. When you feel some tingling, weakness in your arms or legs, or a little numbness, this could be a signal that tells you of a possibility of a spinal cord issue. Sometimes, your back pain extends down to the leg which could be a symptom of sciatica. If you bend forward or cough and you feel pain, it could be a herniated disc that is giving you the problem. Infection may be indicated by pain accompanied by burning during urination, fever, or odorous urine. All of these symptoms are associated with the back pain you are having and the only way to address the pain is to determine to which specific problem your symptoms point to.


Back surgery may be the first or last treatment option, depending on the diagnosis of your back pain problem. It is usually the last treatment option, when all other self-care measures or non-surgical treatment procedures failed to provide relief from pain and symptoms. Patients in constant pain where it has interfered with their functions, ability to sleep or perform simple daily routines, will finally consider back surgery if the neurosurgeon or orthopedic surgeon recommends it.  


There are different types of back surgery Milwaukee neurosurgeons or orthopedic surgeons perform on patients with chronic back pain who have exhausted all non-surgical means to alleviate and relieve the pain, but failed. Fusion is the procedure where the surgeon joins two or more bones in your spine together, eliminating pain when movement between spine bones occur as a result to an injured or degenerated disk. Another procedure known as laminectomy is performed on patients diagnosed to have spinal stenosis. Surgeons remove the bone or parts of it to enlarge the spinal canal and to relieve pressure on nerves. Discectomy is performed to remove a slipped or bulging disc to relieve inflammation or irritation of a nerve. Disc replacement or artificial disc implant is an alternative to spinal fusion.


Patients recommended for back surgery are not prevented from considering getting a second opinion from other certified and experienced Milwaukee neurosurgeons or orthopedic surgeons as they hold varying opinions about many things including the need to operate, the type of surgery, and if back surgery is the best and remaining option.  

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