Get Rid Of Hiatus Hernia For Good!

Apr 16


Rudy Silva

Rudy Silva

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It can be difficult to cure hiatus hernia unless you have a slight condition. But, using natural remedies, you will definitely put a dent into this condition. A more serious condition of hiatus will require a lot more attention from you.Natural remedies work on the whole body giving a better chance for a cure.Using drugstore medication can result in further comlications.Discover in this article how you can eliminate hiatus hernia.


Much has been written about hiatus hernia. We all know now that hiatus hernia occurs when the stomach moves into the esophagus tube where it should not be. This is,Get Rid Of Hiatus Hernia For Good!  Articles unfortunately, since the esophagus does not have similar protective lining as the stomach.

The tissue lining in the esophageal must be protected from stomach acid. This protection is dependent on a sphincter (LES), which is a circle of muscles that are located at the junction of the stomach and esophagus. It is at this junction the LES opens and closes to allow chewed food to enter the stomach and not go up into the esophagus.

There is increased pressure within the stomach compared to the chest cavity, to move contents from the stomach to back into the esophagus. When this occurs, you develop a condition called acid reflux.

You may have this acid reflux and not know you have a hiatus hernia. If your hernia is slight, you will never know you have this condition.

Here are some hiatus symptoms to watch for:

Chest pain or pressure

Heartburn created by acid burning esophagus tissue



There many ways that you can deal with hiatus hernia. If it is severe then you will have to see a doctor. But with a mild or medium case of hiatus, there are natural remedies that you can use. Do not eat close to bedtime. Leave at least 3 hours’ between a meal and bedtime. Once you eat do not lie down after eating.

excess saliva in the mouth.

It is difficult to know why you have hiatus hernia since there are a lot of conditions that can create it. But if you want to cure it, you have to gain control of the way you eat, digest, and think.

The very first thing to do I is change to an alkaline diet. Then add supplements that build up your immune system and strength your body tissue.

Here some other causes of hiatus. If you are overweight, your LES will typically be weak and displaced leading to hiatus if your stomach pressure exceeds the normal. Having a poor posture can also lead to a hernia. Any poor posture such a sitting can weaken and displace the LES valve.

Under normal conditions, the LES and stomach move back and forth but over time this particular structure can weaken and the stomach may move through the LES causing a hernia.

Some cause of hiatus hernia can be seen with pregnant women. This may result from a decreased in abdominal muscle tone and increased pressure within the stomach cavity. People who are overweight are also more susceptible to hiatus because of the poor muscle tone of the LES and stomach.

Other conditions such as constipation or people who vomit frequently can develop hiatus. Having to push and strain for a bowel movement increases the intra-abdominal pressure forcing the LEV to open and allowing for some part of the stomach to move through it.

There you have it. Use DGL with Mastic Gum, digestive enzymes, and probiotics to get some relief from hiatus hernia. The next step is to start making changes in the way you eat. Diet is critical if you want to cure your hiatus.

Another thing to do for hiatus is to start taking digestive enzymes. If you are not digesting your food completely, you will be creating stomach gas and undigested food. This food will be food for bad bacteria that ensures that your digest is compromised. Use probiotics to increase your level of good bacteria.

Follow these simple natural remedies will help a long way in dealing with your hiatus hernia. But there is one other thing to consider and that is diet and lifestyle changes. The suggested natural remedies will give relief and time to discover the diet changes that can ultimately cure your hiatus hernia.


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