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I trust that you've had the chance to read thefirst chapter of "The One-Minute Cure: The Secretto Healing Virtually All Diseases" that youdownloaded from our site recently.

Sir / Madam,Guest PostingDid you know ... that the Centers for Disease Control(CDC) estimates that one in five adults in the U.S. does not have any health insurance?This adds up to almost 45 million Americans withno insurance!  Of those that do have healthinsurance, 20 million do not have adequatecoverage and still can't afford to receive care oreven cover the cost of their prescription drugs. So why should YOU care about this?john, even if you happen to be one ofthe fortunate ones who have adequate healthinsurance, that doesn't guarantee that you'll havePEACE OF MIND.  Why?  Because having adequatehealth insurance only means that the cost of yourmedical care will be covered in the LIKELY eventthat you get sick. Wouldn't it be infinitely better if you DIDN'Tget sick at all?Why, of course!And if you think it's NOT possible to avoid disease altogether, think again.Preventing and curing disease is just a matter of identifying the CAUSE of disease -- and gettingrid of it.  It's really that simple!What complicates the process of curing diseaseis that everybody has a different opinion as towhat the CAUSE of disease is. 1)  Some say VIRUSES are the culprit [e.g., theHuman Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) causes AIDS;the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) causes cervicalcancer; the Influenza virus causes the flu, and soon]. 2)  Some insist that it's MICROBES, GERMS orHARMFUL BACTERIA that cause disease. 3)  Some say it's the TOXINS in the food we eat,the air we breathe and the substances we consumethat cause disease (e.g., carcinogens, neurotoxins, heavy metals and toxic chemicals). 4)  Still others say it's our GENES that make ussusceptible to acquiring one disease or another. 5)  And then, of course, there are those thatbelieve that the "mother" of all diseases isSTRESS.Which of the above do you think is the correctanswer?If you picked one or more of the 5 causes of disease listed above, your answer is incorrect.  While all of the above do *characterize* most diseases, or might be *precursors* of disease, they do not CAUSE disease.For example, viruses, microbes, germs and harmful bacteria do NOT cause disease.  They do "seek their natural habitat -- diseased tissue -- rather than being the cause of the diseased tissue; e.g., mosquitoes seek the stagnant water, but do not cause the pool to become stagnant." This is according to the famed "Father of Pathology," Dr. Rudolf Virchow.  Likewise, germs, bacteria, viruses and pathogens do not cause disease, but rather seek out environments where they can thrive best - and that is inoxygen-deprived bodies. Neither do toxins, genes and stress cause disease. Rather, they bring about a condition in the body (oxygen deficiency) that, in turn, causes disease."The One-Minute Cure" is the first book that provides solid proof that the primary physical cause of all diseases is linked in one way or another to oxygen deficiency.  In fact, many ofthe elaborate (and expensive) therapies offered byorganized medicine take advantage of oxygen's effect on diseased cells.  Most conventional cancer therapies, for instance, including chemotherapy and radiation therapy, produce oxygen-activated events that kill cancer cells.Another new cancer drug, verteporfin, increases the amount of oxygen within cancerous tumors, and this kills tumors more effectively than radiation alone.  Interferon drugs, which are vastly prescribed for the treatment of multiple sclerosis, owe their efficacy to the fact that they raise the body's oxygen level. It's safe to conclude that many drugs basically work on the same principle of oxygenation described in "The One-Minute Cure" -- but those drugs cost tens of thousands of times more than the one-minute, pennies-a-day, self-administered therapy presented in the book.Furthermore, the one-minute cure does not come with any of the adverse effects typically associated with toxic drugs and other radical medical therapies.There are numerous oxygen-based natural therapies being offered for the prevention and so-called "cure" of disease, such as oxygenated water, oxygen-rich foods or supplements, or treatments that release oxygen into thebloodstream.  But they are not always effective in treating disease.  While they may deliver oxygen to the blood, they don't have an efficient mechanism for breaking the oxygen free from the hemoglobin molecules in the blood, which means the oxygen is not delivered to the cells and tissues.  Only when oxygen is delivered to the body's cells and tissues can it eradicate disease.The simple therapy you're about to discover in "The One-Minute Cure" is *the only ONE* that uses a natural oxygenating substance which stimulates the movement of oxygen atoms from the BLOODSTREAM to the CELLS to a dramatically greater degree than is usually reached by all other means.It does this by *increasing oxygen and hemoglobin disassociation*, thereby maximizing the delivery of oxygen from the blood to the cells, according to a prominent doctor best known for treating AIDS patients with a holistic protocol which includes oxygen therapy (see page 97 of "The One-Minute Cure").Therefore, the one-minute cure is - hands down -the best health insurance anyone can have becausealthough it doesn't provide coverage in the eventyou get sick, it does something better - it prevents you from getting sick in the first place.  If you already have a disease, the one-minute cure brings your body toan oxygen-rich state where your disease can neither survive or thrive. Thus, when you eliminate the CAUSE of virtually all diseases, it is literally impossible to get sick!The one-minute cure is the only healing modalitythat effectively eliminates the REAL cause of disease - and the best part is that it can be self-administered at home, is safe to use, costs only 1-1/2 cents per day, and has no adverse effects when used properly.Wouldn't you want to give yourself this kind ofhealth insurance, and give it as a gift to everyone you care about?Go to to get the electronic (eBook) edition so that you can discover the secret to healing virtually all diseases as soon as possible.  It's an instant download so you can be discovering the priceless therapy less than a minute from now. * Never get the flu again!  Bacteria, pathogens,   disease microorganisms and viruses (including   influenza) are destroyed on contact with this   natural substance -- without the side effects of   drugs or antibiotics. -- see page 69  * Asthma medications (consisting of inhaled   beta-agonists) only relax airway muscles and help   the asthma sufferer to breathe easier -- but they   do not cure asthma nor reduce the inflammation in   the airways.  Discover the first and only known   natural remedy that actually causes the body to   spontaneously get rid of asthma. -- see page 11* Good news for arthritis sufferers!  As far back   as 1914, Dr. Edward C. Rosenow (Mayo Clinic)   demonstrated that this natural oxygenating   substance kills the oxygen-hating organisms that   cause arthritis (streptococcus viridans).* Every person suffers from "slight brain damage"   as a result of gradual oxygen deprivation -- and   this causes inexplicable illnesses such as   depression, lack of energy, irritability, impaired   judgment and mental function.  Learn how this   therapy can reverse everyday brain damage, boost   energy, improve memory, alertness and   concentration -- and even raise your IQ -- see   page 68-69Go to to discover all of this and more.Wishing you the best of health and freedom from disease,Madison Cavanaugh 

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