Green Tea and its Metabolic Influences

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• Green tea is a tea that has found its origination from the plant called Camellia sinensis. It is one type out of the four tea types namely white, green, black, and oolong.

• White tea is called white because it is the least processed type,Guest Posting whereas black tea leaves are thoroughly fermented and so they get the name. Green tea leaves are known for their polyphenol content which is preserved because they are steamed not fermented.

• Polyphenol gets the credit for all the beneficial effects that are caused because of green tea, especially the catechins is considered to be the most responsible one, catechins account for more then 30% weight of the tea.

• The difference in the process in which a tea is processed accounts for the difference in the catechin content of the tea. Catechins are present in higher quantity in green tea than in black or any other type.

• The following are several polyphenolic catechins that are present in the green tea:
(1) -epicatechin (EC)
(2) -epicatechin—3—gallate (ECG)
(3) - epigallocatechin (EGC)
(4) - epigallocatechin—3—gallate (EGCG)
(5) +catechin, and
(6) + gallocatechin (GC).

• EGCG is the catechin that is found in maximum amount in the tea, it accounts for almost about 65% of catechin content in the tea.

• A single cup of green tea usually contains technically 100—200 mg of EGCG in it.
Caffeine which is present in all the teas is not at all affected by the processing methods that are applied to the tea.

Whenever a person is having a weight that is greater then the weight that a person should have according to the general health consideration then it is called obesity.

How obesity is determined?
A term called Body Mass index is used determining whether a person is obese or is having normal body weight. Body mass index uses weight and height of a person .This index is used to correlate with the amount of fat that is present in a person’s body.

Recent studies suggest that catechins play a fantabulous role in weight loss.

Green tea promoting weight loss

Green tea is called weight loss tea. Catechins are known for influencing metabolism in several ways:

• Catechin inhibits intestinal lipases.
• It decreases absorption of fat.
• It increases excretion of fat.
• It increases the amount of uncoupling proteins in the body.
• It also increases thermogenesis.
• Decreases lipogenic enzymes.
• Suppresses appetite.

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