Health Benefits of Good Bacteria

Apr 7


Ricky Hussey

Ricky Hussey

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Generally our body comprises of two types of absorption systems. Food which gets easily broken gets absorbed in the upper intestinal tract. The food which is heavy or which our body cannot absorb goes to our lower intestinal tract which is also called as colon; here the bacteria divide these fatty acids into smaller fragments so that it can be easily absorbed.

Colon ifs loaded full of good and bad bacteria .some bad bacteria are clostridia,Health Benefits of Good Bacteria Articles on this bacteria there is a regular check of good bacteria. If some antibiotic is taken which depletes the god bacteria then one can certainly suffer due to severe bloody diarrhea  as it over grows the bacteria clostridia and one can die as well if not given proper medication to kill clostridia by special antibiotics such as vancomycin and metronidazole.
Good bacteria help in sorting out the soluble fiber by breaking them to form chemicals like fatty acids which get absorbed in to our blood stream and then ultimately travel towards the liver. They after reaching the liver block the cholesterol contents and thereby reduce the risk of heart attacks. These fatty acids also help in reducing problems of inflammation to a much greater extent and hence they control the ulcers and diarrhea which are caused by crohn’s diseases. Pain and swelling of arthritis also gets reduced and many studies reveal that they help in developing the immunity system of our body by killing harmful germs.

Lactobacilli are the example of one good bacterium which is commonly found in live-culture yogurt. However these bacteria don’t enter your intestines and disappears if yogurt is not eaten on daily basis. Live cultures are not contained in many commercial yogurts. So Probiotics are micro organisms which are living like the good bacteria which live in the colon and helps reduce inflammation. Actually Probiotics are termed as the non digestible ingredients of food which are not absorbed in the upper intestinal tract, herby travel to the colon to uplift good bacteria growth. Below are summarized few of the benefits of good bacteria:-

1. Helps bile acids to absorb and emulsify the fat in liver by becoming more effective.
2. Helps in controlling appetite.
3. Reduces the chances of absorption of glucose in your intestine.
4. Stabilizes the body’s metabolic rate by consuming more glucose.
5. Burns more fats by improving the job of liver.
6. Prevents the digestion of food and creation of fat.
7. Complex carbohydrates break down by Lactic acid bacteria.

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