Healthy Colon Diet - Natural Colon Cleansing Foods

Jun 28


Peter Filinovich

Peter Filinovich

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Colon malfunctioning can cause bad breadth, strong body odor, spider veins and acne. Colon gets rid of body wastes and reduces these body disorders.

Colon is one of the most neglected parts of body but it has the major role in absorbing nutrients from the food,Healthy Colon Diet - Natural Colon Cleansing Foods Articles digesting the food and providing the nutrition into the blood stream for converting it into energy. People who frequently suffer from diarrhea or constipation do not get adequate amount of nutrition from the food they eat and one should take a diet rich in fibers and nutrition to prevent such conditions.

Some of the major causes for constipation are eating small meals, which could not initiate peristalsis, neglecting the urge for going to bowel movement, having a reduced lubrication or mucus in the inner lining of colon which is caused by vitamin A deficiency and reduced intake of water and fibers in meals. Malfunctioning in colon can cause bad breadth, strong body odor, spider veins and acne. Colon gets rid of body wastes and reduces body odor.

Diet for Healthy Colon

1. One of the major requirements of a healthy colon is dietary fiber which is found in fruit, vegetables and whole grains. There are two types of dietary fibers: soluble fibers and insoluble fiber. Soluble fibers reduce blood fats and it is found in fruits, oats and beans. Insoluble fiber is found in vegetables and grains.

2. Flax and oats contains both soluble and insoluble fibers. Beans, peas, barley, rice, apples, citrus fruits and strawberry are food rich in vitamins and fibers.

3. Whole wheat breads, cabbage, beets, turnips, carrots and Brussels sprouts can also be included in the diet. Everyday five to six servings of fibers from vegetables and fruits should be taken.

4. You should not take high amount of insoluble fiber if you are suffering from inflammatory bowel disease.

5. One should not eat just processed meat and diet made from refined flour. 

6. A good amount of  vitamin D should in taken either through sunshine or supplements as it is required for preventing many different types of colon related cancers.

7. Vitamin A is needed for producing mucus in the colon.

8. A good amount of fats should be taken in diet as the cells in the large intestine require regular influx of fatty acids and cholesterol to keep it functional. Healthy fats are required for initiating peristaltic waves in stomach and it is also required for the absorption of fat soluble vitamin - vitamin A. 

9. The food products which should be included in diet are eggs, coconuts, nuts, olive oil and cold water fish.

Some of the herbs and plants which can be taken for colon cleansing are 

1. Beet root helps in cleaning the digestive system and regulating bowel movement. It can be included in preparation of food.

2. Carrot is rich in calcium and beta carotene, and it can be taken to improve metabolism.

3. Garlic is anti oxidant and it is a medicinal herb which is used to kill harmful parasites in colon.

4. One can include herbs such as rhubarb, alfalfa, elm, flax seeds, peppermint and wormseeds to improve the functioning of colon, and to get better absorption of minerals and vitamins in the colon.

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