Herbal Calcium Deficiency Treatment To Strengthen Weak Bones Safely

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Calcivon tablet provide the best herbal calcium deficiency treatment to strengthen weak bones and joints without any adverse effects.

Poor intake of calcium and poor absorption of calcium in the digestive tract due to smoking,Guest Posting alcohol abuse and poor body metabolism can lead to conditions of back pain, neck pain, joint pain, and hip fracture, and women suffer more from it than men. The decline in estrogens is also linked to bone loss, faced by a number of women in the age of 55 to 65. One cannot completely eliminate the risk of bone fracture by taking calcium itself as intake of laboratory based calcium supplement can strengthen weak bones by only one to two percent and there are numerous side effects of such supplements e.g. constipation, poor metabolism etc. The intake of synthetic calcium supplements are not best recommended to people suffering from age related or chronic health issues. Herbal calcium deficiency treatment, Calcivon tablet offers superior ways to reduce the symptom of deficiency and can improve bone density in a safe way.

Calcium is essential for healthy bones and its deficiency raises risk of decline in internal bone density. Certain lifestyle factors and eating habits is enemy of bone health. E.g. two to three ounces of alcohol restricts functioning of liver, pancreas and interferes with the absorption of calcium and activation of vitamin D, necessary for calcium absorption. In the same way, phosphorus in processed foods and insoluble fiber can interfere with calcium intake. Vitamin K is needed for curing bone density problem, although, study in this field does not find any direct relation to mineral density.

Oyster shell is one of the ingredients in the herbal calcium deficiency treatment containing calcium carbonate up to 95 percent, calcium phosphate, iron oxides, zinc, silicate, manganese and various other supporting bio-extracts to enhance calcium absorption and utilization into the body. Calcium deficiency caused by poor calcium absorption in the digestive tract can be prevented by taking Calcivon tablet. This is better than other calcium supplements because it is in natural form.

This is recommended for people who are young but suffer from calcium deficiency disorders such as osteomalacia or rickets. The use of herbs in preparation can help to reduce pain in stomach, chest, eye disorders, osteoporosis, dyspepsia etc. It can enhance appetite to prevent symptoms of loss of taste and improve mental ability. It is also helpful in reducing kidney stone formation and can enhance property of the human body to assimilate calcium. The powder - Mukta Shukti Bhasam is one of its ingredients is recommended for gastritis, abdominal colic, urinary calculi, cardiac conditions, splenomegaly etc. This works as antacid and a source of calcium.

In Ayurveda, the cure from the oyster shells is made through series of processes called Shodhana - involving the removal of impurities. It involves the use of close containers which are mixed with herbal extracts and the fire use for heating is called Puta. The compounds are converted to nano particles and processed in natural environment in cow's milk. It is very effective in getting rid of acidity; constipation and can improve calcium absorption to strengthen weak bones.

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