HGH - How it Helps the Skin

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Human growth hormone or HGH has been the focus of over 20,000 studies over the past 50 years because of its potential value in promoting health and well-being.

While HGH therapy is widely used to alleviate the consequences of growth hormone deficiency,Guest Posting these studies also discovered some notable skin benefits of HGH. Although it has not yet been approved by the FDA, the recently discovered anti-aging benefits of HGH are something that cannot be ignored.

What is HGH?

Human growth hormone (HGH) is the natural peptide hormone that is secreted by the anterior pituitary gland. It is even tagged as the ‘key’ hormone because it controls several important bodily functions. Its main responsibility is initiate tissue growth by stimulating protein formation. It is generally responsible in maintaining youth, smooth skin, vitality and energy and resilience. In the study conducted by Daniel Rudman for the New England Journal of Medicine, he discovered that HGH has demonstrated a remarkable ability to reverse the effects of aging in the human body, particularly on the overweight men he observed in the study, ages 61 to 80 years.

How to Increase HGH Production

There are non-synthetic solutions to increasing the body’s access to HGH. Certain exercises such as weight-lifting, high-intensity exercises and other forms of resistance exercises two times a week can help raise the body’s HGH levels. However, to maximize the natural production of HGH, you need to combine these effective exercises with HGH production stimulating supplements. This combination forms a powerful formula that can regain the youthful levels of growth hormone in the body.

HGH Supplementation

HGH supplements can be consumed in several ways. You can get HGH from oral liquids, injections, creams, powder, gels sprays and capsules. You need to understand that these products give your body an added boost in its natural production or growth hormone. Skin specialists agree to the efficacy of these products but advise the public to be wary of its use and possible side-effects.

The use of HGH supplements or HGH therapy is effective only when taken in its proper form. Most of these supplements use natural ingredients to safely and effectively stimulate HGH secretion. There are growth hormone supplements that are administered through nasal sprays and pill supplements. Depending on the contraindication of the HGH supplement, doctors can administer injectable supplements provided that the patient has no allergies to the HGH formula. To minimize the risks of side-effects and optimize the anti-aging benefits of HGH, most companies manufacture HGH producers in the form of pill supplements.

Skin Benefits

Since HGH is responsible in rebuilding healthy tissues, its health benefits extend to the skin. It helps keep the skin hydrated, which prevents it from losing elasticity and becoming thinner. Aside from improving muscle mass and virility, maintaining youthful levels of HGH improves skin texture, which results to wrinkle-free skin. Growth hormone is known for its tonic effect on the skin; it helps the skin to regain lost color as well as recover thickness and elasticity to a more youthful shape.

Is it Safe?

Although HGH supplements and therapy that fights skin aging is still to earn FDA approval, the ever increasing clinical studies on its safe use and significant anti-aging benefits show promise of getting FDA nod in the future. Though most of the HGH homeopathic products are available without prescription, most of them are generally safe for use. When it comes to topical creams, gels and makeups, read the label and follow its directions of usage to the letter. Caution must be observed with the use of HGH supplements in pill, spray and powder form. Asking a doctor’s advice in this regard is necessary.

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