Home Remedies For BV And Its Unpleasant Symptoms

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There are home remedies for BV that you can use to conveniently fight off harmful bacteria. These natural remedies can greatly help alleviate and eliminate the unpleasant symptoms of the condition.

BV or bacterial vaginosis has many unpleasant symptoms such yellowish/grayish discharge and fishy odor. Fortunately,Guest Posting there are several home remedies for BV that you can conveniently use.  However, it is recommended that you also see and consult with your doctor on how you must properly tackle with the condition, especially if you are pregnant or have other sensitive conditions.  Apple Cider VinegarApple cider vinegar added to your bath water can help increase vaginal acidity that can kill harmful bacteria.  Bacterial vaginosis is known to occur when the number of bad bacteria becomes greater than the number of good bacteria. This dominion of bad bacteria occurs when the vagina is not sufficiently acidic. To overcome this high alkaline level, you may introduce a substance that can increase acidity, but at the same time not cause further irritation to the private area.  About 2-3 cups of this apple cider vinegar can be sufficiently added to shallow bath water in a tub. Sit down in the tub and soak for roughly 20 minutes so that the delicate acidity can be appropriately delivered into the vagina. YogurtThis is considered by many women as a good natural solution to BV.  Yogurt contains live bacteria that can help restore the balance of good and bad bacteria in the body and in the vagina.  You can eat yogurt and you may also directly apply it in your intimate area.  You can get a piece of unused tampon, soak in yogurt; and then, use it as you would a regular tampon. However, you must choose plain yogurt over those that are flavored. Flavored yogurt may contain other ingredients that could further irritate the vagina.  Tea Tree OilThis oil has antibacterial properties that are helpful in fighting bacterial vaginosis.  When you take your shower, just add about 10-12 drops of tea tree oil into your hot bath water. Use this bath water to wash particularly the intimate parts. A convenient way is to just purchase vaginal pessaries made of tea tree oil from wellness stores and just insert them into your affected part. Cranberry JuiceCranberry has potent acidic components; thus, making it one of the best home cures for BV.  Drink your fresh and pure cranberry juice two times a day to fight against harmful bacteria and prevent them from causing further problems.  Garlic This is another commonly found and used ingredient in the kitchen that is known for its strong antibacterial properties.  In fact, garlic has actually been used as BV treatment for many years. The best way to use garlic is in its raw, uncooked form.  Wrap the garlic in a gauze or cheesecloth and insert it inside the vagina. You could also mince garlic to make a paste and then smear liberally on the affected area.  There are also garlic capsules you can buy from many health stores if you wish to have a more convenient way of using garlic. Proper HygieneIt is very important that women practice good hygiene.  After every bowel movement, you need to wash yourself properly so that you will not spread the bacteria from your anus to your private part. You must always maintain your privates clean and dry.

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