Home Remedies For Jaw Pain, Jaw Ache That Are Simple to Use and Safe

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Certain factors can cause jaw pain in an individual such as tetanus, arthritis, teeth grinding, tooth decay, oral cancer and many more. There are many home remedies for jaw pain, jaw ache which are simple to follow and easy to use.

Jaw pain can be caused due to many reasons. There are certain factors which can cause jaw pain such as sinusitis,Guest Posting tetanus, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, teeth grinding, osteomyelitis, tooth decay, oral cancer, trigeminal neuralgia, impacted tooth, headache, thyroiditis and temporomandibular joint disorder. Some of the common symptoms of jaw pain are headache, fever, tooth pain, ear pain, neck pain, vomiting, locked jaw, shoulder pain and difficulty in swallowing.
Jaw Ache Home Remedies
There are several home remedies for jaw pain, jaw ache which are simple to use and are quite safe to try at home without any risk of side effect. Some of the popular home remedies for jaw pain, jaw ache which are being used since a very long time and have proved to be quite effective in many cases are:
1. One of the simplest home remedies for jaw ache is to use a towel soaked in lukewarm water. All you need to do is take a towel and soak it in lukewarm water. Squeeze out the excess water and place this towel on both sides of jaw. This natural remedy will give instant relief from the discomfort and pain in jaw. Or you can even use a hot water bottle which is equally effective.
2. Consume foods rich in magnesium on regular basis. It is very helpful in toning the muscles and promoting muscle contractions. Some of the common food sources rich in magnesium are shrimps, whole grain breads, nuts, beans, bananas, seeds and green vegetables.
3. If you are suffering from jaw pain then you should try to avoid consumption of foods which require a lot of chewing. Do not consume junk food and aerated beverages.
4. Take some hot water in a glass and then add a pinch of salt in it. Now use this as a gargle. You should gargle with this mixture for five to six times in a day for better results. It will relax the muscles and nerves in the jaw.
5. You can even try massaging your jaw. This will increase blood circulation in jaw region and will help in making tensed jaw muscles loose.
6. Consume foods rich in vitamin A, vitamin C and calcium as they can prove to be very helpful in treating jaw ache. You can try consuming citrus fruits, apple, milk and dairy products for this purpose.
7. Cold compress can also be very useful in treating jaw pain. All you have to do is take some ice cubes and wrap them in a towel. Now you can apply this towel as a cold compress on the affected region of your jaw. This will numb the area and will give you instant relief from the pain. This is one of the most efficient home remedies for jaw pain, jaw ache.
8. Avoid consumption of caffeine, alcohol and tobacco as they can make your condition worse by creating further complications.
9. Stress is one of the major factors responsible for jaw ache. Try to avoid stress by certain relaxation techniques and deep breathing exercises.
These were some of the most effective home remedies for jaw pain, jaw ache which are simple, convenient to use and cost-effective.

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