Home Remedies For Toe Fungus: How To Cure Fungus At Home

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Have you refrained from wearing open toed shoes because of toenail fungus? Well, you can start wearing open-toed footwear after you try out home remedies for toe fungus that not only get rid of nail fungus symptoms, but also kills the root: the fungus.

Some people are embarrassed to wear open toed sandals,Guest Posting flats, etc, because they have Onychomycosis, in layman’s terms: toe-nail fungus. If you also have that condition and you want to find out how to cure fungus, then, you’re in luck – this article shares home remedies for toe fungus, or natural fungus cures that you can do right at the comfort of your own home to say goodbye to Onychomycosis.

An Overview Of Toenail Fungus

Toe-nail fungus is a common condition worldwide, wherein fungus live on the bottom portion of a person’s toenails. Remember that fungus love areas that are moist and warm, which is why frequently wearing shoes especially in warm climate, can make an individual prone to fungal infection in toenails.

Some of the most common causes of Onychomycosis are: a broken nail where fungus can enter; weak toenails that are results of shoes that are too tight; wearing a pair of shoes on a daily basis without even letting the shoes dry completely before wearing them; toenails that are cut too short, or very close to the skin.

Before discussing about home remedies for toe fungus, it is important that you first become aware of the usual nail fungus symptoms:

1.    Flaky nails on your toe

2.    Yellowish or brownish discolorations on your toe-nails

3.    Brittle nails

4.    Toe-nails that have turned thick

5.    Bad smelling toenails

Home Cures For Fungus

If you’ve noticed these symptoms, then, it is time for you to learn how to cure fungus, specifically the fungus that live in your toe nails. There are natural fungus cures that you can apply, wherein the ingredients are easily accessed right from your residence:

1.    Soak your feet/toes in vinegar solution.

One of the recommended home remedies for toe fungus is to soak your toe nails in a solution of vinegar + warm H20 (in equal proportion) for about twenty minutes. After soaking, be sure to wipe your feet and nails completely with these: super-absorbent paper and a dry towel. It is best that this activity is done twice a day until your nail fungus symptoms completely disappear. 

2.    Soak your toe-nails in Listerine.

You’ll be surprised that included in the list of natural fungus cures is the mouthwash: Listerine. Since Listerine is considered an antiseptic, you can soak the affected toenails in a basin filled with Listerine for 20 minutes per day, and eventually, you’ll notice that the fungal infection has disappeared.

3.    Rub the toenails with Tea Tree Oil.

Another solution on how to cure fungus is the use of Tea Tree Oil, which is a powerful antiseptic as well as fungicide. You just have to dip cotton balls in this oil, then, rub on your toe-nails 2 – 3 times a day until you see that the nail fungus symptoms are gone.

If you don’t get significant results from the home remedies for toe fungus discussed here, then, it may be best to consult a doctor. There are antifungal creams and medications that your physician can prescribe to you in the event that natural fungus cures fail to totally eradicate your toenail fungus.

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