How to Stay Longer in Bed with Your Partner?

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If your sex life is suffering then this article may help you to come out from your all sexual problems. The first thing you should know about your partner is that how long she takes to arouse. Even though many women like a quick, intense session of sex once in a while, we know that on average it takes about ten to twenty times as long for a woman to become aroused and ready for intercourse as it does for a man.

To set such a mood you can take help of aromatherapy massage,Guest Posting light music in the background, gentle touch and kisses.

Another important point to remember is that give a good time to her emotionally as well as physically. Successful sex comes from being fully present with her during the act of lovemaking - being responsive to her movements, words, and feelings.

Good communication is the essence of successful sex. Be loving and caring at all times even if your partner isn't doing what you want. Also be kind and gracious in the way you say what you want. Leaving things unsaid in the hope that they will go away will seriously interfere with the pleasure you get from your sex life.

Don’t push your partner to do anything she isn't comfortable with. Being comfortable for a woman involves two things: physically as well as emotional comfortable. So if you treat her like one of those porn stars, she isn't going to be too happy either and you're not likely to be invited back to bed.

Don’t be too aggressive during sex. If you want to show how much of a man you are by being a bit dominant then do it with firmness and kindness, rather than flinging her around the bed like a rag doll. Let her feel safe, secure, loved and respected. All these tips can do a miracle in your sex life.

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