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Our stomach produces acids to break down and digest the food we eat. However, when the acids produced are more than required, then this condition called acidity.

Our stomach produces certain acids to break down and digest the food we eat. However,Guest Posting when the acids produced are more than required, then the stomach starts to get problems. This condition is called acidity. 

Too much acidity can cause stomach pains, burning sensation in the chest (commonly known as heartburn), nausea, giddiness etc. Sometimes there is a sour and dirty taste in the mouth. Extreme heartburns could be fatal, and can lead to death. Pregnant women sometimes experience acidity due to the stress in the stomach.

Acidity is caused due to eating fried and spicy food. Eating at irregular intervals, skipping meals and eating too quickly are more reasons that contribute towards acidity. Certain foods like tomatoes, limejuice, and oranges could also lead to acidity. 

Lack of exercise and stress also results in acidity or heartburn, and the same could happen due to certain medicines as well. 

Hence, the best way to avoid acidity is to avoid the factors that cause it. It is a must to avoid fried and oily foods, and one must drink plenty of water, at least 8-10 glasses everyday. Chocolate too adds to acidity and should be strictly avoided. 

Yogurt helps in easy digestion of food, and should therefore be regularly consumed with meals. Also, coconut water is good to drink and keeps acidity at bay. 

Almonds are a great source of nutrition and help in avoiding acidity. Chewing a few fresh mint leaves also helps in digestion and prevents acidity. 

Cumin seeds should be added to food to aid in digestion. Cumin seeds can also be boiled in water, and the same can be consumed after it cools a little. This rids most people of their irritation due to acidity. One should also chew clove regularly to get rid of heartburn. 

Ginger is used to treat many ailments. It should be regularly added to all meals. A little grated ginger, eaten raw, can help in clearing acidity within minutes of consumption. 

Eating a little jaggery after meals helps in preventing the formation of acidity and also gives energy to the body. To prevent this problem from getting worse, it is good to have five or six small meals spread over the day, rather than having 2-3 heavy meals. Avoidance of smoking and drinking is good, as they cause acidity too. 

Light exercises or even a 30-40 minutes walk everyday could be helpful in controlling acidity. A 5-10 minute stroll after every meal is very beneficial. However, strenuous walks should be avoided after heavy meals. 

Peppermint tea or Chamomile tea are great drinks to ward off acidity. A little apple cider vinegar and honey can be added to water. This drink is very refreshing and helps in treating the problem of acidity. 

Alternately, a little aniseed can be boiled in water. This water can be left to cool and strained later. Drinking this water by adding a little honey to it is very effective in controlling acidity. 

Pregnant women should avoid medicines and concentrate on eating the right food and doing some light exercises to keep themselves comfortable.

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