Iolite Vaporizers Are Very Small In Size

Aug 27


Ricky Hussey

Ricky Hussey

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The iolite vaporizer is the most liked one in today’s time because of its portability and easy to handle features.

Introduction of the iolite vaporizer

This kind of vaporizer has zero restrictions and is the most portable vaporizer and it is equally effective as the normal non portable ones. The non portable vaporizers are known as the desktop vaporizer. The handiness of this vaporizer is also due to its small size. It is as small as the palm of a person and weighs only around 81 grams or even less than this.

Addressing the size,Iolite Vaporizers Are Very Small In Size  Articles this kind of vaporizer delivers rich vapor & even conserves the herbs. Thus these iolite Vaporizer have brought a revolution in the portable vaporizer market.

The history of these Portable Vaporizers

These iolite Vaporizers were developed & manufactured in Carlow and Ireland by the firm named Oglesby and Butler Ltd. Oglesby and Butler Ltd has been into this manufacturing business since 1984. They have an experience of over 25 years and are expert in this field. Thus Oglesby and Butler were the one to introduce the Portable Vaporizers.

The Patented Technology of these vaporizers

These iolite Vaporizers are filled with butane gas. It is filled with the minimum quantity & thus holds the charge which may allow continuous vaporization.
These iolite Vaporizers contain a patented gas heater which is catalytic in nature and also a thermostat. 

The Temperature Controller present in the vaporizer

This is thermostatically regulated and contains a bi metal regulator. The vaporizer must be maintained at a temperature 374° F or 190° C. Thus the iolite Vaporizers utilize the similar temperature regulation like the Volcano Vaporizer.
The iolite Vaporizers are Healthy & Completely Inert. The conversion or one may say the catalytic conversion takes place in a chamber that is isolated. This is done because butane may heat the vaporizer and when it is being used the gas butane may release water vapors through the ports which are located inside the unit.

The basic function of the catalytic converter is to turn butane completely inert so that to prevent health hazards of any kind.

FDA has approved the plastics which are used to manufacture the iolite Vaporizers. They adhere to the ISO: 9001 – 2001 guidelines and rules.

The usage of iolite Vaporizer is really very easy. The basic usage benefit is that it is small in size and even portable.

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