Is an Ayurvedic Treatment for a Migraine Headache Effective or Not?

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Migraine headache is referred to as a recurring, painful and severe ache in the head. These aches are a result of specific changes within the brain and are often accompanied by sensitivity to smell, light, and sound.

Migraine causes extreme pain which can go on for hours or even days. Also,Guest Posting these severe headache caused due to a migraine often happens on one side of the head. Migraine headache today have become a common health hazard and are affecting more than 11 people in 100. There are a number of frequent cases where Migraines may or may not run in the family. Research states that migraine headaches first appear from 10-45 years of age. The best solution to this problem is the intake of Ayurvedic Medicines for these migraine headaches.

You can also find a broad range of migraine treatment in Ayurveda in Hindi scripted. All these Migraine treatments in Ayurveda in Hindi are the old traditional Hindu system of the medicine world, based on the objective of herbal treatment, yogic breathing etc.

Trigger Factors of Migraine Attack

  • Few certain types of food such as baked food, dairy products, onion, fermented food, heavy to digest meat, peanuts, and dairy products
  • Excessive stress
  • Suppression of natural urges
  • The mental or physical stress of any kind
  • Indigestion
  • Overboard intake of salty, oily and spicy food
  • Fasting
  • Hormonal imbalance due to the extra usage of birth control pills or during the menstrual cycle
  • Change in sleep pattern
  • Too much exposure to sunlight
  • Exaggerated consumption of smoking and alcohol
  • Strong stimuli like noise, smell or light

Symptoms of a Migraine

The symptoms for these headaches are different for every single being. The common ones are:

  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Eye pain
  • Acute pain in the side of the head
  • Sensitivity towards sound or light

All these common symptoms of a Migraine can be treated with a headache ayurvedic medicine.

Also, it has been noticed that before the assault of a migraine attack, some people experience a specific warning ‘aura’ or signs such as weakness in one side of the body, flashing lights, numbness and blind spot in one eye.  An aura can mimic the symptoms of stroke and can be extremely frightening, especially for people who never had an aura before. These aura’s or signs may last for a few minutes and then dissolve as a headache or last until a headache resolves.

Natural Remedies for a Headache

A migraine problem can be treated at initial stages with the help of natural remedies for a headache. Here are a few of them:

  • A teaspoon of seed powder and coriander with a cup of water should be left overnight. Drink it the next morning, preferably with an empty stomach.
  • Almonds and Raisins are extremely good for our health. Soak five to six almonds and raisins each night and eat them the next morning. It's advisable to drink the water you soaked them in too.
  • Another great natural headache Ayurveda medicine is tender and fresh leaves of pomegranate or jasmine as a juice in the early morning.

Treatment of Migraine Headaches through Therapy

The treatment for migraine headaches are completely dependent upon the type of medicine prescribed to prevent the attacks and triggers, how frequently they occur, how long they last and pain relief. It's always advisable to use a natural remedy for headaches over allopathic drugs.

Ayurvedic treatment for a headache has a number of therapies to treat a migraine, they are:

  1. Shirovasti: It is an ayurvedic treatment for a headache which is highly effective. This ayurvedic medicine for a migraine headache helps in curing a number of diseases related to the brain, such as throbbing pain, depression and migraine. In this therapy, a leather cap covers the outer area of the head. Since there is a hollow space inside the cap, the medicated oil is held in the gap for some time.
  2. Shirodhara: Yet another excellent therapy that has a huge impact on the nervous system of one’s body. This therapy acts like a perfect ayurvedic medicine for a migraine. In Shirodhara, a continuous stream of warm oil is poured over the area where the nerves are highly concentrated i.e the forehead. This way the pressure of the oil forms a vibration on the forehead which helps our nervous system and mind to experience mental rest. As appealing as this therapy is there are a few contradictions to it too. Pregnant women, injury on head or neck, nausea and vomiting feeling etc.
  3. Kavala Graha: Another perfect substitute therapy for ayurvedic medicine for a migraine is oil pulling or Kavala Graha. This therapy imparts a number of benefits such as whiter teeth, a powerful detoxifying effect, increased relief from migraine headaches and many more.
  4. Sneha Naysa: This therapy is carried out through the nasal pathway. It helps in decreasing physical stress.
  5. Shiropela: Shiropela is the best therapy treatment for severe headaches and migraine attacks as it is highly effective in curing mental exhaustion caused to due to both physical and mental stress.

The best ayurvedic medicine for a headache is Ath Ardhari.

The problem of a migraine is a troublesome issue; therefore it's highly advisable to get ayurvedic medicines for a headache than antibiotics as they don't have any sort ill effects or any other serious repercussions on your health. Prevention is always better than cure. So always follow the tips given by Ayurvedic experts such as don't over stress, reduce the intake of tea and coffee, avoid spicy food etc. to avoid another migraine attack.

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