Laser Hair Removal Methods and Applications

Apr 6


Abigail Aaronson

Abigail Aaronson

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Laser hair removal is known as one of the most effective long term hair removal methods. There are actually several laser applications that are designed to be effective on the different skin types of each client. They have separated every customer into six skin types that are based on one's reaction to sun exposure and therefore provide an indication of the type of laser that will be most effective yet the least damaging to the patient's skin.

When it comes to body hair,Laser Hair Removal Methods and Applications Articles there are times throughout the year when you don't really care how you remove your body hair and then here comes spring and summer. In the warmer months, there is more skin exposed, and the more skin you have exposed in the hot weather, the less you want to think about whether or not you're stubble is showing anywhere on your body. Laser hair removal is a great long term option for regular hair removal under the arm, the legs and bikini areas but what about the other areas that plague some men and women since puberty. Hair has a purpose but the strays that appear on your abdomen, lower back, chin, upper arms and upper lips can be frustrating and discouraging for warmer weather clothing. So what laser hair removal method will you choose to get rid of that stubborn hair in those places or strays around your sideburns and chest? And after your treatments take effect you can enjoy months of hair free smooth bodied living.

There are five known laser hair removal methods. The techniques and tools include the ultimate light or pulsed light method which is seen as the most effective laser treatment because it works on all skin types. Second to the pulsed light application is the diode laser which is gentler on the epidermis for darker skin types than the ruby and alexandrite methods to be described later. Next is the Nd:Yag includes several lasers known as the Image, Lyra, Athos, Medlite IV, and CoolGlide. It is most useful in providing the least amount of lifetime applications because of how effective they are and work particularly well with darker skin tones. The last two types are the Ruby and the Alexandrite laser methods. As mentioned earlier, they are not ideal for all skin types. As a matter of fact they are only recommended for "very white" skin types. So, what's the importance of know your skin type when it comes to selecting a laser treatment? Well, the type affects the strength of the laser and the possibility of skin damage if the wrong laser is selected.

Selection of laser hair removal method is based on one's skin type and therefore the ability to withstand the light and heat of the laser. It also reflects the color and thickness of the hair that comes out of the follicle that requires removal treatment. The skin type determination is placed on a chart so the doctor can show the patient where he or she falls and why they are getting the laser recommendation that they are. The skin types are separated into six categories from white to dark brown or black and therefore from sun exposure consequences from burning and never tanning to only tanning. Doctors have thought of every possible way to help patients with hair removal method regardless of skin type and thickness of hair, so everyone can enjoy smooth skin all year long.

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