Little Known Secrets about Gout Nutrients

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There is one supplement that you need to avoid, niacin. This supplement can create a gout attack, since the nicotinic acid it creates in your blood competes with uric acid in your kidneys to be excreted. 

There is one supplement that you need to avoid,Guest Posting niacin. This supplement can create a gout attack, since the nicotinic acid it creates in your blood competes with uric acid in your kidneys to be excreted. If you are using niacin under a doctor’s care for cardiovascular conditions, check with your doctor about eliminating it, if you have gout.

There are not very many supplements to take for gout. But, of the few that are vitamin C is one that you should be taking. Vitamin C is used by your body for a variety of different body conditions, so you should be taking it, even though you may not have gout.

When you have gout, you may think that if you get rid of uric acid alone that your gout will go away. Most doctor’s drugs concentration on reduce your level of uric acid. However, getting rid of uric acid is just the start in getting a gout cure.

Having gout is a way your body is telling you that you have an acid imbalance. Your body has many different acids that it has to deal with and uric acid is only one of them. But, if the other body acids are excessive, then you will still be prone to creating gout, even though you might reduce your uric acid levels.

Your goal when you have gout should be to make your body alkaline. When you do this your overall acid load will go down, including your uric acid, and your gout will go away. So, how do you get rid of body acids and uric acid at the same time? You do this by making sure you get a lot of minerals into your body.

Here are some supplements that will help reduce your gout inflammation and make you more alkaline.

In a 2009 vitamin C study, vitamin C showed a reduced risk of developing gout. This study had 46,994 men who were followed for several years. It Compared men with a vitamin C intake of less than 250 mg a day. The result was that those men whose vitamin C intake was 1,000-1,499 mg per day had a 34% lower risk of gout. And, for those men who took 1,500 mg per day, the had a 45% lower risk of gout.

Folic acid is used in your body in the breakdown of proteins. It also blocks the action of an enzyme that is responsible for forming uric acid. You should use from 200 to 400 micrograms per day.

No side effects have been reported, when taking high doses of folic acid. Folic acid in these high doses has been shown to be as effective as the drug allopurinol.

High doses of folic acid should be taken with a doctor’s care, since they can mask the deficiency of vitamin B12.

There are chemicals called leukotrienes, which are involved in joint inflammation. You can reduce this inflammation by taking alpha lipoic acid with vitamin E and selenium. Here’s the dose to take:Alpha lipoic Acid, 50 to 800 mg per day, Vitamin E, 200 to 400 IU per day, Selenium, 200 micrograms per day.

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