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Liver is one of the vital body organs which undertake some of the very important processes of the body. It is the liver where the process of neogenesis takes place. Now you must be wondering what exactly is neogenesis?

It is the process by which the body produces energy not from the carbohydrates or lipids but from the non carbon sources like the proteins and the amino acids. Liver also is responsible for the secretion of various hormones and for breaking down of the body’s fat globules by the bile juice contained in the liver. If your liver fails your digestive system is highly affected and it may cause death. If your liver is not healthy then also you will face problems like weakness,Guest Posting in deficiency, hormone imbalance and other diseases because of lack of proper functioning of the liver.

Therefore it is very important that you take deep care of your liver. There are many medicines and drugs available in the market that helps in the proper functioning and development of the liver. Man has become too busy in his professional life that his eating habits have gone from worse to worst. The consumption of junk food is increasing. All this has lead to a bad imbalanced diet due to which the body does not get all the essential nutrients for the proper organ development and functioning.  From the many liver supporting supplements, there is the Liver Guardian. If you have not heard about it then let us introduce to you a new supplement that makes your liver healthy.

The liver guardian is an effective liver detoxification, protection and regeneration formula. This drug combines in it the natural herbs and nutrients that have the ability to protect the liver. This valuable formula was developed by Dr. C.Samuel Verghese, MD, who is a very well known doctor. Let us now discuss the ingredients involved in the liver guardian. One of the major components of this formula is the milk thistle extract.

 It has been clinically as well as non-clinically proved to support healthy liver functioning. There were several standard liver enzyme laboratory tests conducted to ensure its effects. In addition to this it has two amino acids: Methionine and N-Acetyl Cystein that produce glutathione in the liver which is important for liver detoxification mechanisms. Other vital ingredients in the liver guardian are the Bupleurum, Scute and Schisandra. These too promote the improved functioning of your liver.

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