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Floss your teeth regularly and perhaps you will be able to keep the dentists away forever.  Flossing not only cleans the areas between your teeth of plaque, it also treats bad breath.

Many people are concerned about their health and wellness but very few maintain a healthy lifestyle.  You will not see a lot of people who hit the gyms continue for more than a month.  Some even give up within a week.  Maintaining a healthy lifestyle demands efforts which very few people are willing to spare.  Of the people who do believe in living a healthy life and make efforts for it,Guest Posting a very small percentage of them take oral hygiene as seriously as the wellness of the rest of the body.  Only if you knew that bad oral hygiene could also cause other serious problems for the body, such as heart diseases, you will start taking it seriously.  Do you still have any doubt whether taking care of your teeth wise or not?

Flossing is one of the most important aspects of oral hygiene.  It will not be an exaggeration if it is stated that without flossing oral hygiene is incomplete.  Daily flossing helps removes plaque and other food leftovers stuck between your teeth which brushing alone cannot.  No matter how good a toothbrush is, it cannot reach the areas between your teeth but floss can.  Daily flossing makes sure that your teeth stay healthy for lifetime and you never have gum problems.  Flossing also helps you get rid of or reduce bad breath. 

Get good quality floss:  Always buy good quality floss which will allow the food leftover or plaque in your teeth stick to it. If the food doesn’t stick, it will not get cleaned.  There are two types of floss available.

-    Nylon floss: Made up of many nylon fabric strands, this floss is available in waxed and unwaxed variants. 
-    PTFE Floss: This floss is made of a single thread or strand and is easy to maneuver between the teeth. 

Use the floss:  Wind the floss around your middle fingers of both the hands.  Then use your forefinger and thumbs to hold it.  Glide the floss between the upper teeth and bottom teeth. Make sure you floss gently for two reasons.  Flossing too fast will not clean your teeth effectively and it you may also end up hurting yourself.  Clean the teeth properly on all the sides and between all the teeth.  If you don’t like flossing with your hands, there are many flossing equipment available. 

-    Floss Holder: It is a Y shaped device used for flossing.  It is for those people who are not able to use their hands properly while flossing.
-    Superfloss: This flossing tool is helpful for those who have bigger gaps between their teeth.

Rinse properly after flossing:  Do not swallow the food leftovers that you remove from between the teeth.  After flossing, rinse your mouth properly, either with water or better with a mouthwash.

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