Method of Immersion Baths: Cold, Hot, Neutral Immersion Bath

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Immersion baths are one of the widely used hydrotherapy treatment. This type of bath is done in bath tub which is connected with hot and cold water connections.

Immersion bath makes the body healthy and is done in bath tub which is connected with hot and cold water connections. This bath is taken hot,Guest Posting cold, neutral and graduated at different temperature. It is also called full bath. Below you will learn the methods of cold immersion bath, hot immersion bath and neutral immersion bath.

Cold Immersion Bath

Cold immersion bath is given about 20 minutes at a temperature of 10º C to 23.8º C. Before this bath, patient’s body is applied including the head. Cold pack with moist cloth or towel is applied. At the time of bath his body is rubbed very well. After this bath he must be dried soon and wrapped in the woolen blanket.

Cold immersion bath is not to be given to very young and old persons. It is not to be done in enteritis, gastritis, inflammation of uterus and also ovaries.

Hot Immersion Bath

Hot immersion bath is given at a temperature of 37º C and gradually raised to 40º C by adding hot water. Before taking this bath the patient must drink cold water and make his body cold especially head, neck and shoulders with cold water. A cold compress is done during the entire treatment.

Hot immersion bath is useful in dropsy-accumulation of fluids in the body. It relieves in children, bronchitis and bronchopneumonia and also congestion of lungs. The bath is stopped when the skin becomes red. In chronic bronchitis hot bath is taken for about 5-10 minutes along with friction and rubbing after bath. If necessary, oil application is made to the skin of the patient. It is beneficial in chronic Rheumatism, gall bladder stones and urinary stones.

Hot immersion bath is not given in diseases of the brain and spinal cord, cardiac hypertrophy and weakness of heart.

Neutral Immersion Bath

Neutral immersion bath is given at a temperature of 26º C to 28º C, the normal body temperature for about one hour. It activates the skin and kidney diseases as it works as a sedative. It is useful in diseases of brain, spinal cord, meningitis, arthritis and rheumatism.

Neutral immersion bath is useful in dropsy of cardiac, renal and general, alcoholism, chronic multiple neuritis, chronic, diarrhea, peritonitis and chronic diseases of abdomen. It is not to be done in skin diseases as eczema and heart diseases.

Disclaimer: This article is not meant to provide health advice and is for general information only. Always seek the insights of a qualified health professional before embarking on any health program.

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