Nosebleeds - Bloody Nose - The simple facts and the cures

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Learn the facts on Nosebleeds - Bloody Nose, and the cures

Why do some people get a Nose bleed: Bloody Nose: The nose was built for bleeding a doctor once told me. He said the nose was filled with numerous blood vessels,Guest Posting and many of these are thin and are on the surface of the inside of the nose. It takes very little damage to break one of these blood vessels which can cause severe bleeding. A smack or blow to the nose can lead to severe bleeding, as well as dry air in the winter causing the nose lining to crack, picking the nose can easily break a vessel, as well as blowing or even snuffing the nose. Even high blood pressure or bending down can cause enough pressure to break a vessel inside the nose. Smoking cigarettes can dry and crack the nose lining, and taking medications that thin the blood can cause severe nose bleeds.

Stopping a Nose Bleed - Bloody Nose: Once a nose starts bleeding what can you do to stop it, basicaly nothing except sit and wait. There are two things folks tell you to do.

1. Sit down and remain calm, keep the head elevated and just relax until the bleeding stops.

2. Sit and keep the head elevated, but gently pinch the sides of the nostrils together and hold for a few moments until the bleeding stops.

Whenever I get a bloody nose I just sit and keep my head tilted slightly back and wait until the bleeding stops, pinching seems to make things worse for me. Once your nose stops bleeding, leave it alone, any rubbing, sneezing, picking or much activity can easily get it bleeding again, even a day or two later while it heals. After you have had a nose bleed, often the inside of the nose will feel crusty, this is clots and scabs forming. Do not blow the nose hard or pick at it for at least 24 hours or you risk getting it bleeding again. Any severe nose bleed, that lasts more than 15 minutes should warrant a trip to the local Emergency Room or doctors office. When I was a kid the right side of my nose would'nt stop bleeding, my parents took me to the local Hospital where the doctor cauterized the blood vessel, the right side of my nose has never bled since.

Simple things you can do to help prevent a Nose Bleed - Bloody Nose: When I was a kid I always got nose bleeds it seemed. If I was digging my boogers I could get a bad bloody nose. If I had a cold and blew my nose much it would bleed, if I bumped or had my nose smacked it would bleed. If I drank hot chocolate it would often bleed. It seemed I spent most of my childhood holding my head up because my nose was bleeding. Then finaly after gushing more blood then what was probably spilled in a slaughter house, the doctors discovered something, 'Duh! I was sensitive or allergic to aspirin'. Aspirin thins your blood, and it can cause severe nosebleeds in some people. Once my parents stopped the aspirins my nosebleeds slowed a lot, and when I learned to baby my nose they stopped even more. I had to blow it very gently when I had a cold, or just softly wipe it, I had to pick it gently etc. Now I may get a nosebleed once every 4 years or more, and when I do it bleeds very little. The strange thing is, my daughter often gets nosebleeds too, so I guess it's something I passed down to her. Anyway, if you or the kids have them, the first thing to stop is any aspirin or anacins, anything but tylenol. I take tylenol by the handfull and it never gives me a bloodynose.

How to keep a nose healthy: Keep the inside of the nose moist year around. There are nasal gels you can purchase in many drug stores. Run a Humidifyer in the winter to keep the air from getting too dry. Keep your blood pressure under control. Watch your intake of blood thinning medications such as aspirin. Don't dig or pick it, or blow it sharply. When you sneeze open the mouth to let the pressure or force escape. There is a website that provides cures, facts and great information on Nose Bleed - Bloody Nose and numerous other medical conditions, the website is called: All About Health, and can be found at this url:

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