Oral Chelation Therapy: Is It Better than the Traditional Chelation Therapy?

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Chelation therapy is always been a hot topic of many conversations and debates. And now the hot news is the coming of Oral Chelation method which has surpassed the Chelation therapy procedure. Oral Chelation therapy had set new levels in the medical sciences as it has eliminated the use of EDTA injections. Now EDTA pills can be directly consumed by the patients.

There is a group of people in the society which is against the chelation therapy and hence they are not supporting the oral chelation therapy also. There is another group of people which are supporters of the traditional chelation therapy but they are not agreeing on the concept of the Oral chelation. Each and every person has his own point of view regarding the chelation therapies. To find out which one is the better option,Guest Posting read the following article.

According to the scientists it is said that human body is capable of absorbing only 5% EDTA which is consumed in the oral form and hence 95% of EDTA remains in the body. This remaining EDTA can be dangerous for the human body. EDTA which is consumed by the oral pills can be accumulated in the body and hence it easily gets mixed with the food items and nutrients present in the body. Many of the important nutrients like the chromium, zinc and copper will be absorbed by the EDTA. Hence human body will be lacking these nutrients and minerals. If these nutrients lack in the human body, there can be a deficiency in the human body which later cause problems. This is the reason why many doctors and people are not supporting the oral chelation therapy.

Another point of argument between the oral chelation therapy and the traditional chelation therapy is the time length for which EDTA is present in the body. If a person is following the oral chelation therapy then he has to consume the oral EDTA pills on a regular basis. These pills stay in the body for a longer period of time. If high amount of EDTA is present in the body then the body will be deprived of essential nutrients and minerals. The only difference in the oral chelation therapy and the traditional oral therapy is the accomplishment of their effect on the body.

Oral chelation therapy can remove all the toxic elements in just a period of one month and hence there will be less chances of vitamins and nutrients deficiency.

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