Oral Chelation versus Intravenous Chelation

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A few years ago, Intravenous Chelation was the most widespread practice; but with the evolution of oral chelation it turned out to be the preferred option of nearly all doctors & patients. There were several factors which are responsible to this change of people’s choice, the major aspect being the price issue.

Intravenous chelation will not charge you a fortune,Guest Posting but still the price will be means higher than the charges of Oral Chelation. This started the utilization of oral chelation in the patents who were utilizing intravenous chelation. Just the once they began making use of it on a daily basis the other advantages of oral chelation turned out to be more evident.

Oral Chelation - a painless process

Oral chelation engages not anything but consuming only 1-2 full spoons of dosages. Nearly all of them are based on some sweet smelling element such as jelly or honey & are very appetizing Whereas Intravenous chelation involved painful procedure with threat of vascular incision & infection. As well, intravenous chelation will cause other side effects such as fever, pain, fluctuation in B.P and so on.

Mercury Chelation

One of the main benefits of Oral chelation is its ability to remove the poisonous metal Mercury out from your body. EDTA infused in intravenous chelation is not able to bond with Mercury however the organic materials utilized in oral chelation agents dissolve mercury successfully & remove it out form your body.

Side Effects

Oral Chelation is almost free from any sort of side effects & there is barely any difficulty with the use of these chelating agents. But, if you come across with any small problems such as fatigue, muscle pain or headache it is advised to boost up your water consumption.

Preventive Benefits

Oral chelation therapy is a convenient & safe process of curing & preventing from heavy toxic elements. The chelating agents aid in reducing cholesterol, avoid blood clots & decrease the probability of heart attacks.
Oral chelation agents such as PCA-rx could also perform as a defensive pill for persons with family history of heart related disease, unhealthy dietary person or stressful lifestyle.

The merely condition in which intravenous chelation may score more than oral chelation is at the time when the person is under harsh situation. Generally Oral chelation requires only a few months to do its work, so if the person is in urgent need of pills, intravenous chelation might be a good alternative as compared to oral chelation.

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