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Pet cremation and ash dispersal is now a common way for families to process the passing of a beloved cat or dog. Read on to learn more about your options.

Pets can make a profound impact on our lives. They become members of the family. Today,Guest Posting many families are seeking out pet cremation as a way to honor their pets after they have passed. As this is a difficult time for your family, especially if you have young children dealing with the concept of death for the first time, this can be an opportunity for real closure after the death of a pet.

How It Works

Pet cremation is handled in the same manner as human cremation. The animal's body is placed in a combustible container and is burned in a special furnace designed to produce very high temperatures. The process reduces the body to bones and gases. The fragments are further reduced to ashes. The remains are then transferred to a sealed container or urn and then returned to the family. Pet crematoriums are designed specifically for pets. Human remains and pet remains are not processed in the same furnaces. In fact, it is customary for veterinarians to use this method of disposal regardless of whether the family requests their remains.

What Happens Next

There are several ways to handle dispersal of the ashes. You can chose to hold on to them for sentimental purposes. You can have a burial service in a pet cemetery. Many families choose to find a special place in their yard or in a park or area that was significant to their pet to scatter or bury the ashes in memorial. As these ashes are basic natural elements, it is not harmful to the environment. Cremation is a very environmentally safe way to dispose of animal remains.

Where to Cremate

As discussed earlier, pet cremation typically occurs just after you put your pet to sleep in the veterinarian's office. You can also choose to work with a crematory that allows you to be present as your pet is cremated. Your vet can recommend ways to transport the body properly crematory.

Planning Cremation

Although you can work simply with your vet, there is a growing pet funeral industry that gives you and your family several options on how to remember the life of your pet. You can also research resources online that can help you as a parent plan for the process and offer helpful tips on how to discuss the death of a pet with your children.

Cremation has been used for thousands of year to dispose of loved ones. It is environmentally friendly and can help your family deal with the process of death. Why not celebrate the life of your pet and remember them by creating a plan for their passing. By cremating their remains and receiving them, you and your family can dispose of remains to help you move through this difficult time and place remains in a commemorative spot so you can continuously remember their importance in your lives.

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