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One of the most physically-demanding professions in the world today is that of the professional nurse. Attending to the needs of their patients require that they are on their toes,Guest Posting literally, most of the time. And with such physical demand, it is but necessary that the nurse feels comfortable in moving around as much as possible, all the time while on duty. That would mean wearing comfortable scrubs and shoes which will allow them to move about with less restriction or discomfort. The feet in particular should be able to withstand the pressure and stress of standing for long hours, or walking back and forth all throughout the duty hours. 


There are some nurses who would be very particular with their shoes. Some would give preference to appearance over comfort. Others would like to wear nursing shoes for women that match their scrubs or uniforms. Still, other nurses would give more importance to being able to walk around, all day long, without hurting their feet and without damaging the shoes. In reality, most nurses would like to have nursing shoes that will give them all – comfort, durability, fashion sense, and safety.


Protective footwear for nurses is valuable but often neglected in the workplace. Hospitals or other health facilities where nurses work usually have slippery spots. It is therefore necessary that nursing shoes for women are slip resistant so as to prevent any accidental slipping or fall caused by slippery floor surfaces. Their shoes should also provide protection for their feet even if they stand for long hours or even if they go up and down the stairs as they do their rounds, tending to their patients. At the end of every day, their feet should not feel sore by the time the feet are released from the nursing shoes. 


Other nurses especially those stationed in critical areas that require quiet movement like in the ICU, baby nursery or healing patients. Soft-soled nursing shoes for women are what they need because this type of shoes does not create noise against hard surfaces which may cause patients to awake unnecessarily. If the shoes are not soft-soled, the nurse would have a difficult time moving around and trying to make as little noise as possible as she walks back and forth in her workplace. Quiet and good-support shoes are important for nurses whose working environment needs less and unnecessary noise. 


Some people might think that shoes should be the least of the many concerns of the nurses. Unfortunately, keeping the importance of shoes in the lowest of priorities could mean that the nurse will not be able to discharge her functions efficiently as her movements will be restricted by the noise her shoes are making. Or she could not perform her duties properly because she could not bear the leg pain or cramps felt when standing for a long time or when walking to and fro most of the time. Proper nursing shoes are indeed important partners of the nurses in performing their duties and should not be ignored or neglected. Nursing shoes should therefore be slip-resistant, comfortable, quiet, with soft soles and can provide good support for the nurse’s body weight. 




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