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Those looking towards quitting smoking will find electronic cigarettes to be highly useful because they are quite effective in curbing this hard-to-quit habit. The vapor arising out of an electronic cigarette gives the same sense of satisfaction as that of a real smoke.

Those who use the best electronic cigarettes report that they have reduced the number of times they smoke and in course of time have come of using nicotine e-juice capsules.

If you are using electronic cigarettes for the first time,Guest Posting you might want to try out a starter kit at first. There are many brands available in the market. Here is a review of the best electronic cigarette brands:

  • Njoy – Njoy’s electronic cigarettes are reasonably priced. If you look at their starter kit, it is inclusive of one Cigarette-style Njoy Cigarette, one Cartrige Pack, a 2 – 3.6V Rechargeable Lithium Batteries and a 1 – 3.6V Lithium Battery Charger. Njoy also offers a range of accessories and refill cartridges.
  • Green Smoke – Green Smoke’s electronic cigarettes are very popular and they offer some very good e-juice flavors. Their starter kits include 5 Nicotine cartridges, a USB home charger kit and 2 Lithium ion rechargeable electronic cigarette batteries.
  • LUCI – This electronic cigarette brand offers reasonable rates. The starter kit is inclusive of atomizer, wall charger, 5 cartridges, and batteries. You can also check out their extended, advanced and complete starter kit types.
  • Prado – Prado’s electronic cigarettes are pieced higher than above brand. However, you do get more than what is normally provided in other starter kits. The Prado Starter kit is inclusive of Stainless Steel Atomizer, Micro-Electronic Smart Chip, USB Charger, Wall Charger and Rechargeable Lithium Battery.
  • Premium Electronic Cigarettes – Premium’s electronic cigarettes are longer than the normal ecigs that you see in the market. Their starter kit includes batteries, USB charger, atomizer with in-built cartridges and electronic cigarettes.
  • Blu Ray – Blu Ray electronic cigarettes are high quality and are available at reasonable rates. Blu Ray’s starter kit is inclusive of five cartridges, batteries, atomizer, USB charger and also 25 free cartridges.
  • Smoke Stik – The Smoke Stik Starter Kit includes a variety of e-juice flavors, a charger, and lithium ion batteries. There are various kits available from this brand and you can choose one depending on price and features. 

These are some of the top brands or the best electronic cigarettes. Each brand offers distinctive features and reading user reviews will help you find one that is optimal for you.

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