Sexual Effects of Alcohol on Men that You Should Know

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This article emphasizes on the ill sexual effects of alcohol on men. However these ill effects can be returned to normal in many cases if the habit is given up.

Though it may sound strange to many,Guest Posting the sexual effects of alcohol on men are very damaging. They very negatively affect men's sexual function over time. The damages alcohol consumption causes to male functions can ruin a man's sexual life, and also can destroy his social standing.  

Sexual effects of alcohol on men are so far taken very lightly, or even wrongly. The misconception that alcohol improves sexual drive and can lead to more enjoyable moments becomes the main factor for males to consume alcohol before the sensual activities. Even if there is some truth in this belief, the negative side is so strong that it cannot be taken lightly by those who care for their performance and better sexual health. Those who advocate alcohol should know that there are both short term and long-term effects of alcohol on men that are not encouraging, certainly.   

What attracts more to the people is that the alcohol lowers inhibition and frees them from irritating thoughts or distractions. They find themselves relaxed. This seems to be the only 'benefit'. At the same time, if a man consumes alcohol in large amounts, he will definitely lose his sexual responses. Even the erection becomes impossible as the arousal becomes very weak, and stimulation works very little. The act cannot be performed properly even after few hours since the man will experience nausea, fatigue, dehydration, dizziness, and headache long after the consumption. 

Sexual effects of alcohol on men also include the greater risks of contracting sexually transmitted diseases. In a drunk condition, man loses the rational thinking and can indulge in acts that otherwise never be performed with proper mental conditions. The unwanted acts also include unprotected sexual activities that can directly lead a man to acquire any deadly sexually transmitted disease, or STD. 

Long-term sexual effects of alcohol on men are more devastating. Men can experience loss of libido, erectile dysfunction, and fail to ejaculate. In fact, their sexual life will totally be ruined. What do you expect from an impotent man! Furthermore, studies prove that heavy alcohol consumption very negatively affects male sex hormone, testosterone, which is essential for normal sexual performance. Moreover, it is not strange to note that alcoholics have more chances of getting infertile. 

The ill sexual effects of alcohol on men can be returned to normal in many cases if the habit is given up. Studies indicate that years after stopping alcohol, about 50% cases regained the lost performance.

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