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Smoking is an unhealthy habit, which has been acquired by the majority of our population. Read further to learn more about the effects of smoking and its treatment.

A large number of people have developed the unhealthy habit of smoking,Guest Posting which has been proven to be harmful for their health. In spite of knowing the harmful effects that the smoking habit can lead to, people keep smoking and are unable to quit this habit. A single cigarette consists one of the most harmful chemicals, nicotine, which is addictive in nature and makes it difficult for a person to quit smoking. Nicotine leads to production of dopamine, a chemical released by your brain that helps in relaxing and calming you in stressful situations. The amount of dopamine produced under the influence of nicotine is higher than normally produced by your brain.

A person, who tries to quit smoking often finds it difficult as the brain fails to produce the amount of dopamine that his or her body has got used to. And so, the possibilities of the person having a relapse and going back to his or her old habit of smoking are high. One can suffer from withdrawal symptoms of smoking, which can make quitting smoking even more difficult. At times, when a person has a relapse and goes back to their old habit of smoking, it can also happen that the person starts smoking more number of cigarettes than he or she used to earlier.

Smoking and cancer

Almost 30% of the people that suffer from cancer are a result of their smoking habits. Smoking is directly responsible for causing various cancers in a person, ultimately leading to their deaths. Most of the lung cancers (almost 87%) are caused by a person’s smoking habit. It can also lead to other chronic lung diseases such as emphysema and chronic bronchitis. Not only are smokers at a threat of suffering from cancers, but even the passive smokers, who inhale the smoke are at a risk of developing cancers. The other cancers that smoking can cause are that of the larynx, oral cavity, pharynx, esophagus and bladder.

Smoking and cardiovascular diseases

A cardiovascular disease is a name that includes diseases related to your heart and blood vessels. On the basis of recent researches, smoking is now considered as one of the major risk factors that can lead to cardiovascular diseases. The risk of cardiovascular diseases depends on a lot of factors such as the number of cigarettes smoked by you in a day, intensity of smoking, age at which you began smoking and the time period for which you have smoked. Most of the cardiovascular diseases occur as a result of atherosclerosis, and smoking tends to speed up the process of atherosclerosis. As a result of which, you can suffer from angina, transient ischemic attack, heart attack and stroke.

Smoking and Champix

Although smoking is very injurious to your health and people find it difficult to quit, it is still a controllable factor and one can prevent himself or herself suffering from severe health complications. You can buy Champix, a prescription medication that has been proven to be very effective in smoking cessation. Champix benefits you by helping you deal with the withdrawal symptoms and making it difficult for you to experience pleasure if you smoke. For buying Champix online, you can visit any of the registered online clinics, or you can also buy this pill through a doctor’s prescription.

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