Solar Nails Or Acrylics - Which Should You Choose?

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Having that perfect set of nails to show off during the warmer months can be a great confidence booster for the rest of your season.

But with all the many choices populating the market of today,Guest Posting it can be difficult narrowing it down to the best one for your preferred look. Are you more of a budget type person, or do you want something that is gorgeous and long lasting? The answers to these questions will ultimately determine whether or not you should go with acrylic nails or solar nails. Technically, solar nails are not much different from acrylic nails, except that they are stronger, they maintain their luster for a longer amount of time, and they are more expensive.

Those who have tried solar nails report that they stay intact more easily, not chipping in the same manner that acrylic nails would. Acrylic nails are still a preferred choice among many women, however, because they truly are the most affordable of the options on the market - until you start to look at replacement time. This can make a huge difference in the final overall price that you pay for nails during the year. With solar nails, you can get by replacing them less than 20 times per year. With acrylic? Maybe less than 30 (if you're lucky). Many people, who try out the solar nails and stick with them religiously, report saving more money over time.

Still, there is much to be said for acrylic nails if you are a casual wearer and don't constantly have to have your hands decorated. Acrylic can save some bucks in a tough economy for those who are okay with it wearing down sooner. Usually, these are the types of people, who only gussy up during special times of the year and on other special occasions. Solar nails can be used for the same reason, but they're typically for the more enthusiastic lady, who wants something great looking that she can wear year round. If you are less adamant, then it may be best to go the cheaper route.

A lot of solar nails supporters also report that their choice of product is more beautiful than the standard acrylic nails, and that these products carry with them a luster and shine that can last for quite some time. They can also blend in with one's natural organic nails in order to keep friends and family guessing as to whether they're "real" or not.

If you are more of a budget minded person, then it may be best to stick with acrylic nails. If you don't mind a little splurge and long-term value, then going the solar nails route is your best bet.

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