Stem Cell Technology For Different Treatments

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With every passing month there are some of the advancements and something new in the use of the Induced pluripotent stem cell.

In the literature of these cells you would come to see some of the new developments after every other month. The basic problem with this is actually the reprogramming of the cells of the adult human beings without the help of the agents which can be a cause or reason of cancer. The first of these methods which was used for the reprogramming was the use of the viral delivery system. With the help of this process the introduction of the reprogramming genes could be done into the cells. It is also possible that the viruses might get into the genome of the cells that can create much more problems later on. Due to this a sever kind of unanticipated outcomes can be expected and the severe outcomes can be as drastic as cancer. The Stem cell technology and the Induced pluripotent stem cell receive changes with the passage of time. The reprogrammed factors all need to be refined too. The initial group was made of the genes of c-Myc,Guest Posting Oct-4, Klf4 and the Sox2. The expressions of the gene c-Myc can be a reason for the cell to become cancerous. This particular gene was discovered in the 1970s. The Stem cell technology has received much advancement in it. The expression of c-Myc contains a profound role and can be a reason for the breast cancer. It also has a major role in some of the most common kinds of malignancies in the human beings. The Induced pluripotent stem cell and the Stem cell technology have brought a number of treatments for a number of problems and diseases. For the sake of these cells to be used in humans in a safe manner there is a need of the identification of the reprogramming alternatives to the cells.

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