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Most Effective Method to Treat Stretch Marks

Treating stretch marks effectively does not have to be a painful and complicated procedure. Many doctors and companies will recommend various treatments ranging from surgeries to creams. However,Guest Posting which is the most effective?Do surgical treatments really work? The answer is inconclusive.There are various surgical treatments advertised promising to remove stretch marks. These treatments include;Macrodermabrasion: (Resurfacing of the skin using sea salt or other fine crystals)Surgical Skin Resection: (Cutting out of Scar Tissue)Laser surgery: (Scar Tissue is dissolved or burned out by Laser)Tummy tuck: (Skin is cut, stretched and scars are hidden)The problem with these surgeries is that in many cases, stretch marks are not removed as promised, and additional scarring is caused by the actual procedures. Recovery from these surgeries is painful and uncomfortable.Can cream treatments effectively reduce the appearance of stretch marks?Yes, they can, but remember that only a few include the important ingredients that will assist in reducing the appearance of stretch marks.An effective cream treatment will include the following essential ingredients:Squalene Oil: This is derived from Olive Oil isolates, and has outstanding regenerative properties.Vitamin A Palmitate: Although associated for positive effects on eyesight, this vitamin also assists in reducing the appearance of stretch marks and scarring, and helps regulate skin cell growth.Vitamin E: Ranks as one of the best anti-oxidants for skin, helps delay the aging process of the skin, and nourishes skin cells.Vitamin D3: Important for new skin cell production. It also works in partnership of Vitamins A and E in the regeneration of process of the skin.DL-Penthenol (Vitamin B5): Vitamin B5 is an important vitamin that is required to sustain life. It is also critical in the synthesis if proteins (collagen and elastin). This means it promotes collagen and elastin production.Aloe Vera Extract: Excellent in treating small wounds without the forming of scar tissue, thus preventing the appearance of stretch marks. Also promotes skin regeneration.Grapefruit Seed Extract: An Anti-oxidant that can help prevent certain cancers. There have also been claims that it is a natural antibiotic, which helps to restore damaged collagen and elastin.

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