The Meaning of Chelation and Its Types

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AS this word Chelation is normally used in the field of nutrition and health it is concern to chelated minerals, rather than to oral chelation. The idea is still the same, but the procedure is totally different.

The word chelation is derived from the Greek word chele which means Claw. Pronounced Key-Lay-Shun,Guest Posting the chemical definition is; one substance captures hold of another substance. The grabbing substance is called the chelating substance. The substance being grabbed is called the chelated substance.

Many companies that sell minerals know that minerals are not absorbed into the body without this chelation. These companies have different ways of binding some amino acid to some minerals so that the minerals then become biologically available to the body. Mechanically this is done, through chemically suspending an essential mineral between two or more amino acids. Researchers have uncovered the way of nature that chelation which need that the chelating ligand furnishes at least two contributor groups to combine with the metal.

The concept of chelation is simple; making a chelate that is biologically available is not.
There are two types of chelation therapy, intravenous chelation therapy and oral chelation therapy. With intravenous chelation therapy, a needle is placed into a vein. Through this, EDTA is administered into the bloodstream. A series of treatments will need to be directed.

 Oral chelation therapy does the same job as intravenous chelation therapy, only it is usually not as effective in removing all heavy metals and signs build-up. Normally they come in the form of tablets. There is a need of a lot of water at the same time as someone is taking oral chelation therapy.

There are two types of chelation products available in the market. Oral products are available in the form of tablets, but they are also available as oral sprays, powders and suppositories. Chelation concerned vitamins are also available, which may contain vitamin C and mineral supplements.

There are so many companies which manufacture oral chelation products .The first company which produced an oral chelation product was Oxylife. Other companies soon followed, including a number of MLM companies.

The ingredients you may find in oral chelation products are such as; EDTA, Vitamin C, E, and B, folic acid, potassium, zinc and magnesium.

Chelation therapy has proven to be very effective in treating heavy metal poisoning, as it binds and removes lead mercury from the system.

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