Tip To Increase Good Bacteria and Their Benefits

Apr 7


Ricky Hussey

Ricky Hussey

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There are many good bacteria present in our body. Not all bacteria’s are bad for your health. Many bacteria present in food help to preserve taste and texture of food. It is not true that you can get weight only because of increased amount of fat; sometimes you gain weight because of the thousands harmful bacteria’s present in your digestive system.

You do not need to panic about this. Actually,Tip To Increase Good Bacteria and Their Benefits Articles there are many important microorganisms also present in your body. These bacteria’s’ are also known as probiotics. They keep our body balanced and healthy. These microorganisms are friendly. There are several benefits of bacteria too -

1. Good microorganisms help in storing energy in form of fat for a long time.
2. Some food materials are broken in to fats and other nutrients just by good bacteria. So they provide a huge amount of source of energy and help in digesting food.
3. All vitamins including vitamin K are synthesized by only good bacteria. So they keep our body’s metabolism rate balanced.
4. They increase the rate of renewing of many cells that help in lowering chances of many types of cancers.
5. They help in building an immune system and protect from many diseases.

According to the researches, it has been shown that nearly 80 % of our body below intestine is made of good microorganisms. If your body does have less than 80% of good bacteria then your immune system will start flourish. Main microorganisms, which help in digest, are salmonella and coli.
A large number of people contain less number of good microorganisms in their body.  The main reason for less number of good bacteria is extinguish of microorganisms. We add chlorine and fluoride to clear water and to decrease number of bad bacteria to keep diseases away. This actually eliminates good bacteria along with the other harmful bacteria.

There are two common way to increase number of good bacteria in your body –

1. There are many food items available over internet that will help you in increasing the number of good bacteria’s. Some foods like cheese, yoghurt, garlic, bananas, onions etc. help in increasing the number of good bacteria that will improve digestive system of your body.
2.Sometimes extra collection of undigested food and increase in amount of toxic substances can destroy a number of good microorganisms and can harm your health. So you need detoxification to remove toxic stuff. This will bring your digestive system back to work and save good microorganisms.

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