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Have ever anyone wondered that he/she is leaving senile and symptoms of amnesia are being developed? This is the thought that might pass among anyone’s mind. Peoples who have difficulty in recapturing that where they have left their things or about others birthday’s then for those kinds of peoples there is good news that they can Improve memory and remember all the things.

There are around 5 things which if one adopts can really help in improving the memory.

First and the foremost thing one should do is that one should never feel that he has a bad memory instead he should convince himself that he has a good memory which he can make better. There may be any reason of forgetting the things. One should change the thinking of himself. Go for a reward for every little achievement that has been achieved.
Next one should make his brain to exercise so that complex mental skills are developed. Go for learning a new musical instrument like piano or go for the challenges of puzzles and games like chess and make the mind do much of exercise. One can also adopt the method of doing a word cross everyday for routine mind exercise.

Also past results have proven that regular aerobic exercise helps a lot in improvement of the brain efficiency and helps in fighting of the memory loss connected with aging process. Because of daily routine exercise a person can on positive side by developing enhanced mental imagery and superior memory uptake which happens naturally.

A person in more of stress has difficulty in remembering many things because his own mind is so much pre-occupied by other things that place for remembering new things is almost negligible. In today’s world chronic stress can never be removed rather can be controlled and reduced to a certain extent. One should go for stretching exercises. One should give himself time to be relaxed or let himself do whatever makes him feel happier be it reading some books or listening to some music of his own choice. One should always visit the doctor in case a quite high stress level.
As in our daily routine we get into contact with lot of peoples and get to know their name but after some time we don’t remember their names. The reason why this is happening is that our focus is not on remembering their names. If a person tries to remember those forgotten names then a conscious effort is to be made for recalling all the things and when this is carried quite seriously then his own memory is improved.

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