Top 10 Healthiest Cities in the United States

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Although America is not always thought of as a very healthy country,Guest Posting there are some very healthy cities amongst the cities there.  Not ever city serves vast quantities of unhealthy food, and many Americans do live a very healthy lifestyle. To be acknowledged as one of the healthiest cities in America, they city had to undergo a ranking system.

This was done by a team of sports college students, who by analyzing factors including obesity, air quality, stress, and food and fitness levels. They also looked at other more unusual factors such as smoking and HIV rates, using these results they were able to determine where exactly the healthiest cities were.

In the top ten cities, it was discovered that there was one 1 Midwest, 2 in the east, 1 in the south and 6 in the west. Washington Dc came out on top, and was proven to be the number one healthiest cities; the inhabitants of Washington have the lowest percentage of diabetes recorded. Many think this is due to the large amounts of green space and the farmers markets which provide fresh fruit and vegetable to these inhabitants.

As you begin to look at the results there are some interesting finds, although San Francisco only ranked 8th they have the lowest obesity figures amongst all of the cities. One of the healthiest cities was Seattle as there is a great deal of outdoor activities available making their exercise record very high.

The general conclusion was if the city had good transport and vast areas of greenery, either parks or open spaces then exercise was participated in more. Many of the larger cities are beginning to eat more fruit and vegetables from farmers markets, meaning that the residents are healthier.

At the bottom of the list were the cities that had the largest obesity rates alongside other factors such as the highest infant mortality rate, the worst access to health care and low or nonexistent exercise plans. All of these cities showed high levels in these areas, proving that not all cities are alike. Choosing where to live in America can really affect your health, and when relocating many people now take this into consideration.

Every different city has different things to eat, and the style in which it is cooked can vary vastly. Although many Americans do struggle with the way they cook food, they are being better educated and this is why there are now ranking within the healthiest cities in the world. With more education and allowing new generations to eat different foods, America will slowly improve and more cities will become healthy.

It will simply take time as there are generations of people who think that their poor diet and no exercise are perfectly ok. These people need to be shown that even a little exercise and small changes to their diet will help improve their health and overall lifestyle. Whatever city you live in, even if it wasn't ranked as one of the healthiest cities to inhabit you can change your life. Just because others around you are lazy and unhealthy doesn't mean you have to be as well.

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