Top 5 Erectile Dysfunction Options, Prescription and Natural

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Are you starting to have problems in the bedroom? Or have you just thought about the possibility of enhancing your already functional sexual life? After reading this quick guide you will know the best option available to enhance your love life.

Do you feel embarrassed or frustrated with your performance in the latest sexual experiences? You would be surprised how much is out there to try to help men with their penile dysfunction,Guest Posting or at least less than satisfactory performance. In order to avoid confusion as to the right balance between effectiveness and corresponding side effects, for this top 5 list we do not consider side effects in the ranking, just effectiveness; although we do include a short list of side effects with each option. By the time you are done reading this quick read, you will know the best erectile dysfunction option for you.

Without a doubt the most effective erectile dysfunction option that has the most immediate results is Viagra. Although perhaps one of the newest additions to the male enhancement arena, Viagra has quickly gained popularity and is now one of, if not the most, popular male enhancement option for men. Viagra is also the worst option considering the potential for side effects, how expensive it is, and the fact that for legal consumption it requires a doctor’s full examination, background history check and finally a prescription. There is a very justified reason for this prescription process for Viagra. Many prescriptions, especially the ones that fall into the pain relief category are prescribed because of the concern for addiction and overdose. With Viagra there is a real concern with overdose, however even more concerning is the potential for side effects such as blindness, hearing loss, heart attack, stroke, and many more serious and less serious side effects. Included with Viagra are also Cialis and Levitra as they do not warrant their own option because they work in much the same way.

Number two on our list is a natural male enhancement herb blend. Although there are several hundred products that fall into this category the most commonly recognized are VigRx Plus, Enzyte, and Extenze. Although they are all manufactured by different companies and have some variations in their formulations they typically have the same main herbs in their formulas. This is typically a category of male enhancement that many look at skeptically, primarily because the scientific community fails to recognize the products as a viable option. However what the real issue is that instead of taking any of these products through a study or even recognizing these products for their male enhancement potential, they focus on discrediting these products by simply stating that they do work. How a scientist can risk his or her reputation by stating something publicly based on opinion rather than fact is beyond me. Our research and even double placebo clinical studies confirm that male enhancement herbal blends have excellent male enhancement effects, and not even just to treat erectile dysfunction, but also increase the fullness of erections, increase sexual desire and many other potential benefits. One of the best things about herbal blends is the chance of side effects is reduced significantly, however it does not mean that there is no potential for side effects. A common herb in several male enhancement formulas is yohimbe, which has been linked to liver problems; therefore we still recommend a visit with your physician and have him look over the ingredients to make sure that none of them will do any harm to your situation, this is especially so if you have a history of heart problems, or in the case of yohimbe, liver problems. The reason why herbal blends are placed second is because the male enhancement effects may take several weeks of treatment before benefits will be visible, sometimes taking even longer; although if you do not notice any benefits after about two months then you are likely taking one of the products that give these pills so much infamy.

Third on the list are male enhancement exercises. You may find a plethora of information about various types of exercises however realistically there are only two that will truly manifest visible results. The first exercise is called kegels, first introduced by Dr. Kegel; although most likely first used by the Chinese perhaps even several thousand years ago. Dr. Kegel found that certain muscles in the groin area can be controlled willfully and even exercised. One of those muscles, called the pc muscle, when exercised actually increased a man’s staying power and with enough exercise even allowed a man to control his erections in ways that even herbal blends and Viagra do not provide. Today kegels are recommended to most patients suffering with erectile dysfunction and is even advised for women. The second exercise, called jelqing, is perhaps the most commonly known male enhancement exercise and for good reason. Jelqing involves stretching the penis in specific ways allowing for bigger and harder erections, even the flaccid, or non-erect state, becomes much bigger; no more embarrassments at the gym. We would have perhaps rated exercise as number one most effective male enhancement option however typical results can take over six months to be noticeably pronounced, especially for jelqing. Male enhancement exercises do not really have side effects but one must be careful about over-stretching the penis and actually ripping tissue… the penis is not a muscle and if overstretched will actually inhibit your progress because you will not be able to do any stretching for a week or more because of the pain; if there is any pain or discomfort you are doing them too hard.

Fourth on the list are the items that make us think of porn movies or some pervert. They are called penis pumps and although significantly less effective than the previous three, they do have their place in male enhancement. Penis pumps provide temporary benefits and require one to pump again to get desired results. Although penis pumps do in fact increase the size of an erection, they are very short lived and require a partner that knows that you pump your penis; otherwise how will it work if you just brought a girl home from the bar? “Hey hold on about five minutes while I go pump up my penis.” You’d have to find a strange girl indeed to want to have sex with you after finding out that you pump. Pumps can be dangerous as well because over-pumping will rip penis tissue and then you will more than likely have about a week or more of inability to do anything with the penis except to urinate.

Finally on the list are male enhancement patches. Male enhancement patches are significantly less effective than other products listed here, they made this list because some have had success with them, and are significantly more effective than other male enhancement options like weights or surgery. These patches typically have similar ingredients to the herbal blends in capsule form, however these ingredients, or perhaps more correctly stated the chemicals in those herbs are absorbed transdermally, through the skin. This can be very effective for some people who have specific types of skin, but more often than not these patches end up being a waste of money. The possibility of side effects remains the same as with the pill counterparts and a physician visit is advised, however on top of the pill side effects many times a patch will leave a red irritated spot on your skin, which is typically true of any skin patch medication.

So now you have the top five male enhancement options explained to you. There is no more reason for you to encounter those embarrassing bedroom situations where you could not perform. Pick one, or even better pick several of these options, herbal pills and exercises are a popular combination, and walk in the bedroom with full confidence knowing that your partner will never have to be disappointed again.

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