Traditional Treatments Remarkably Improve Lumbago

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Lumbago or more popularly known as low back pain is one of the commonest neurological complaints after headache. Herbal treatments have shown much better results in treating lumbago then modern methods.

People of all ages suffer from lumbago and is one of the major reasons of job-related disability. Even though it is very common problem yet in 90% complaints of lumbago exact cause cannot be identified. This happens largely due to complex structure of low back region. There is large number of anatomical structures which are interwoven to form low spine region and any of these can cause severe stabbing pain or shooting pain. Low back pain or lumbago can be classified into three categories by its duration,Guest Posting it can be acute which lasts for less than 4 weeks, sub-acute which stays for 4-12 weeks and chronic which stays for more than 12 weeks.

Lumbago shall not be taken lightly and ignored; pain does not reflect severity of damage, some times simple muscular strain can cause more pain than slipped disc. Traditional treatments have shown remarkable improvement in the condition of people suffering with lumbago compared to modern medication.

Muscle strain, sprain and damage to soft tissues of the region are major causes of lumbago; these are mostly unidentifiable and give rise to nearly 90% of total cases of low back pain. Amongst other less common causes, osteoarthritis, degenerative discs, spinal disc herniation, fractures, spinal stenosis, spondylolisthesis, Rheumatoid arthritis, infections, bone tumors, referred pain, depression and oxygen deprivation are mostly found as causes of low back pain. Low back pain symptoms are serious if pain radiates down to lower extremities or causes numbness or tingling sensation in legs. If lumbago is accompanied by fever, chills, giddiness, less control over bowel movements, urinary incontinence and unconsciousness then it signifies presence of serious medical condition. Lumbago can also occur due to simple reasons like constipation, pregnancy, ageing and calcium deficiencies, however pain occurring due to these reasons do not show any other symptoms like giddiness or shooting pain etc. 

Traditional treatments have shown much better results in treating lumbago then modern methods, use of Rumatone Gold capsules and regular massage with Rumatone Gold oil have been found very effective by thousands of users. Rumatone Gold capsules contain highly effective herbs which nourish joint cartilages, repair damaged muscles, ligaments, tendons and soft tissues to calm down pain occurring due to wear and tear or damage to these organs. These capsules improve blood flow and supply more oxygen and nourishment to muscles and ligaments which makes them stronger and enhance their endurance level. These capsules are very useful for controlling degeneration of bones and counter ill-effects of ageing or deficiencies very effectively. Herbal ingredients of Rumatone Gold capsules elevate immunity to fight back infections too. 

Massage with Rumatone Gold oil nourish tissues and muscles of the low back region, improve functioning of musculoskeletal systems and promote optimum blood flow in the region. These two products in combination diffuse inflammation, pain and promote smooth and painless movement in a short time. Due to purely herbal composition these can be taken without any medical prescription and are safe and suitable for prolonged use.

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