Treatments for Hernia

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Home Remedies for Hernia

In the early of the treatment,Guest Posting it will be appropriate to move up the head end of the bed by placing bricks under the legs of the bed. This will stop the regurgitation of food during the nighttime. A person can use more pillows for the same reason.


After that another important step towards treating hiatus hernia is rest. A significant measure in this way is diaphragmatic breathing. The process is Lie down with both knees bent together and feet close to buttocks. Feel calm; put both the hands lightly on the abdomen together band concentrate the attention on this region. Now breathe inside, softly, pushing the stomach up below the hands at the similar time, until no more air can be inhaled. After that calm down, remember that breathing out through the mouth with a clear sighing sound and permit the abdominal wall to sink back. The shoulders and chest should remain at relax throughout.


It is significant to be able to relax at any time and thereby stop building up of bodily and mental tensions which may reason real physical symptoms? The most excellent technique for this is to practice shavasana like a dead body).


The patient of hiatus hernia should watch definite precautions in eating habits. The primary among these is not to take water with meals, but half an hour previous to or an hour later than a meal. This helps the digestive procedure significantly and decreases the happening of heartburn. Drinking water with meals raises the total weight in the stomach and slows down the procedure of digestive system by diluting the digestive juices and this raise the threat of fermentation and gas formation, which distends the stomach and causes uneasiness and soreness. One more important issue in the cure of this disease is to take recurrent small meals in place of three time large ones. Thorough mastication of food is also necessary, both to break-up the food into small particles and to slow down the speed of eating.


The patient diet should consist of seeds, nuts, whole cereal grains, vegetables and fruits, with importance on fresh fruits, raw or lightly-cooked vegetables and sprouted seeds. The foods which should be avoided are over processed foods like white bread, rice puddings, sugar, cakes, biscuits and over-cooked vegetables. Slightest 50% of the diet should consist of fruits and vegetables and the left over 50% of protein, carbohydrates and fat.


Raw juices from fresh fruits and vegetables are play an important role in hiatus hernia and the patient should take these juices half an hour previous to every meal.


Home Remedies


-Carrot juice is mainly very beneficial as it has a very healing effect, being rich in Vitamin A and calcium. It is an alkaline food, which soothes the stomach.

-Tomato juice is also extremely helpful home remedy for hernia. A glassful of fresh tomato juice, mix with a pinch of salt and pepper, taken near the beginning in the sunup, will reduce the regular burning sensation in the chest due to hiatus hernia.


-The make use of rice has been create important in hiatus hernia. A thick gruel of rice mix with one glassful of buttermilk and a well ripe banana taken two times daily is a very nutritious diet in indigestion and burning caused by hiatus hernia. It is one of the most effective home remedy for hernia.


The hot drinks should always be permitted to cool a little previous to taking. Extremes in temperature both in food and drink should be stay away from. Drinks should not be taken speedily. The patient should stay away from tea, coffee, condiments, pickles, smoking and alcoholic beverages.

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