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Genital warts, a viral STI, is quite common amongst men and women, especially amongst those between 17 to 33 years of age. Read below to learn more about the Condyline solution, an effective treatment for genital warts. Condyline is a podophyllotoxin solution, which is obtained from the Indian podophyllum plant. This antiviral medication has proven to be quite effective in treating genital warts, a viral STI.

A very common infection,Guest Posting genital warts, can be contracted through unprotected sexual contact. It is a viral infection that is caused by the virus known as human papilloma virus (HPV). There are around 100 strains of this virus, 40 of which are known to cause genital warts. This viral STI is characterised by small growths of flesh that occur on or around your genitals and anus. This infection can be contracted by both men and women, but is found to more commonly affect those within the age group of 17 to 33 years. The colour of the warts differs according to the skin tone of a person and also the area where it develops. The texture of the warts that you develop may also vary from smooth to rough, while they may be large or small in size.

You may contract this viral STI through either unprotected vaginal sexual intercourse, anal or oral. People who have multiple sexual partners are at a greater risk of developing genital warts. Once you have contracted this infection, it will remain in your body for a lifetime. However, a viral STI is characterised by short period of outbreaks and longer periods of time when it remains dormant. You may not realise that you have contracted this infection immediately after, and it may take weeks or months for it to show symptoms. The warts that you develop may vary in size and shape, which can develop on the external skin of your genitals or anus. Sometimes, women may develop the warts inside the vagina and men may develop them in the urethra.

Certain strains of the HPV virus that can cause genital warts pose low risks for causing cancers while some pose higher risks of causing cancers such as cervical cancer. For getting the STI diagnosed, you will be required to visit a doctor who will examine your genitals and anus for the infection. Prescription medications have been proven effective and are available on the market, which you can get prescribed to treat genital warts. One of the most popular and widely used prescription medications for genital warts is Condyline. This antiviral medication is a podophyllotoxin solution, which is obtained from the Indian podophyllum plant.

Condyline, an antiviral prescription medication for genital warts, is available in the dosage strength of 3.5ml. This solution is directly applied to the infected area and works immediately towards reducing the discomfort caused by the warts. Condyline solution also inhibits the warts from growing and multiplying. When the solution is applied directly to the warts, it pierces the tissue and targets the nucleus of the wart cells. It caters a toxic effect on the nucleus, inhibiting its ability to grow and multiply. As the wart cells stop reproducing, they eventually die and are replaced by healthy cells.

The Condyline gel is to be applied with the help of an applicator or your finger tip. You are to apply the gel in a thin layer, gently rubbing it on the affected area until it is no longer visible. You should note that the area on which the gel is to be applied and your hands should be washed with soap and water before application. You should also wash your hands properly after you have applied the medication. 

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