What Are The Benefits of Eating Almonds Daily for Brain, Health, and Skin?

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Almonds are said to be the most popular highly nutritious tree nuts in the world. Besides, it is an excellent source of healthy fats, important antioxidants, vitamins, and many minerals.

Nuts may be small in size,Guest Posting but they are rich in nutrients. Almonds have also been considered important in Ayurveda because of the properties present in them.

Scientifically, the fruit which grows in the almond tree, its seed is called almond. Which is found in abundance in mountainous areas. The scientific name of almond is Prunus dulcis, Prunus amygdalus and it belongs to the Rosaceae family. It is a kind of dry fruit.

Perhaps you do not know that almond is also called the king of nuts and the king can be the one who has merits.

Almonds are nutritious and a great source of fiber, proteins, vitamin E, magnesium, copper, phosphorous. In many research, its regular consumption supplies digestible carbohydrates.

Our elders also recommend eating almonds daily. According to him, eating almonds, the best source of vitamin E in the world, can improve memory, potentially reduce the risk of heart disease, boost immunity, and relieve symptoms of a variety of physical and mental problems.

It is consumed by everyone due to its nutritional value. Children, adults, and the elderly also consume almonds according to their capacity. Let us now also know about the nutritional value of almonds.

Nutrients Facts about Almonds:

According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), the nutrients found in 100gm almonds are-


100    gm


21.15 gm


49.93   g


21.55   g


12.50   g


4.53     g


269      mg


3.71     mg


270      mg


480      mg


733      mg


3          mg

Vitamin- E    

25.63   mg

Vitamin- B1     

0.24     mg

Vitamin- B2    

0.8       mg

Vitamin- B3     

4          mg

Vitamin- B6     

0.13     mg

Vitamin- B9      

29        mg


Almonds are mostly found in phytic acid or monounsaturated fat, a substance that binds to certain minerals.

The Benefits of Eating Almonds

Know in detail below the benefit of almonds due to the above nutrients.

  • Healthy Heart

Due to the properties of almonds, they can be consumed to keep the heart healthy.

Actually, the level of good cholesterol i.e. High-Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol (HDL-C) in the body can be kept balanced by the consumption of almonds. It can prove beneficial for the heart.

  • Eating Almonds Make Glowing Skin

The amount of vitamin E is very high in soaked almonds, so that it helps to keep the skin of our face clean and beautiful, then you should consume 4 to 5 soaked almonds daily.

  • Makes the Brain Sharp

You must have heard that eating almonds makes the brain sharp, but to keep the brain sharp, it is very important for us to keep the brain healthy.

Consuming almonds can protect against weakening memory and neurodegenerative diseases related to the brain with increasing age. For this, the tocopherol, folate, mono, and polyunsaturated fatty acids and polyphenols found in it can be helpful. These nutrients may work to prevent age-related cognitive dysfunction (8). In addition, almonds contain vitamin E, which can play an important role in sharpening memory.

  • Healthy Bones

As we all know, calcium is the main reason for the strong and weak bones in our body. Since almonds are rich in calcium. Which makes bones and teeth strong. By eating almonds, it also removes the stiffness of the body. Massaging with almond oil in young children makes their bones strong.

  • Controls Blood Pressure

Due to the high potassium and low sodium content in soaked almonds, it controls blood pressure and other heart-related problems. Due to the magnesium present in it, it also regulates the flow of blood smoothly.

  • Control Bad Cholesterol

In 2002, a report was published in the American Heart Association Journal. According to which, eating almonds regularly, was reported to reduce LDH cholesterol in the blood by 15%.

Unsaturated fat i.e. non-saturated fat and almond peel polyphenol antioxidants are found in almonds. This prevents the oxidation of cholesterol in our body. This prevents blockages from occurring in the arteries.

  • Effective for Weight Loss Almonds can definitely be a weight loss-friendly food.

Almonds are rich in protein and fiber, keep the stomach full for a long time, after eating them, you do not feel hungry for a long time. Metabolism can be increased slightly by eating nuts and the body burns fat faster.

  • High in Vitamin E

Almonds are one of the world’s best sources of Vitamin E, with just 28 gm of almonds providing 37% of our Daily Requirement (RDI). This greatly reduces the chances of getting many diseases like cancer, Alzheimer’s.

Almonds fall in the Fat-Soluble Antioxidant category. These antioxidants build cell membranes in the body, which protect your cells from oxidative damage.

The level of vitamin E is also high in soaked almonds. Vitamin E keeps the skin healthy. That is, if you eat soaked almonds every night, then you will never have skin-related problems and your skin will always be glowing and soft.


Almonds have been studied extensively for heart health, diabetes, and weight. It contains key nutrients like protein, fiber, monounsaturated fat, vitamin E, and magnesium. All things considered, eating almonds daily helps in keeping the brain, health, and skin healthy.

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