What is the Main Cause of Herpes Outbreaks?

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A herpes outbreak is caused by the simplex virus activation in the spinal cord nerves. Generally,Guest Posting the Herpes simplex virus remains dormant in the sensory nervous cells and is triggered as a result of varying biological influences. During its onset, Herpes travels to the skin leading to an outbreak characterized by blisters or sores. In some instances, herpes outbreaks may only emerge as painless irritated and cracking skin. The previous blisters or sores, however, are generally extremely painful and difficult to deal with.

Many researchers have found little evidence that affiliate stress or individual diets as a factor in herpes outbreaks. Although the evidence is lacking, it doesn't mean that it doesn't exist. The usual activating causes are afflictions or traumas that affect the skin or mucosal membranes of the genitals. Ultimately, though, very little is known about the activation itself.

What is certain with herpes outbreaks of the simplex type 2 is that they will occur between four and six times per year if left untreated. The actual shedding of the virus can happen up to twenty percent of days without the appearance of a breakout or symptoms. The general method of suppression is therapy using oral prescriptions that can drastically reduce the herpes outbreaks.

Both herpes virus simplex 1 and herpes virus simplex 2 are microscopically identical and share about half of their DNA structures. All herpes outbreaks infect the mucosal areas of the body - generally the lips and genital areas - and remain with the central nervous system during other times.

The difference between these two simplexes is where this dormancy takes place. Herpes simplex 1 is usually latent in the trigeminal ganglion located near the ear. The herpes outbreaks occur near the lower lips or face. Herpes simplex 2, however, is the sacral ganglion - spinal base - and herpes outbreaks are present in the area of the genitals.

The first herpes simplex is relatively mild during the outbreak but can randomly appear in the eyes causing severe infection and possible blindness. In rare cases, however, the simplex 1 herpes virus can actually infect the brain leading to death. Herpes virus simplex 2 is also generally mild to the point that about two-thirds of those infected do not know they are carrying the disease.

This simplex is rarely responsible for causing other bodily complications and usually affects just the genital area. However, it is extremely likely that people with herpes simplex 1 are also carries of herpes simplex 2. Together the symptoms and outbreaks are still mild but should still be controlled with treatment.

Herpes outbreaks are understand on a superficial genetic level. Researchers and healthcare professionals know the mechanics of activation but have little information regarding the influence that causes the actual event. The best way to prevent herpes outbreaks is to remain on a suppressive therapy treatment that can make symptoms occur in less frequency.

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