What Liposuction Won’t Do

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Liposuction can slim a person’s body. There are, however, things that it will do not.

Liposuction can be a wonderful tool for removing those stubborn pockets of adipose tissue. Adipose is another name for plain,Guest Posting old fat. A certain amount of fat is necessary on the human body in order to give it cushion and a healthy, robust appearance. Too much of it can be unattractive and will take away from the sleek physique of an athlete. Sometimes a person can exercise and adhere to a healthy diet and still the stubborn bulges hold on. Liposuction can target those areas to reduce the lumps and bumpy spots. There are a few things that it cannot do, however.
- Liposuction is not a substitute for weight loss. Before having this procedure performed, a patient should be close to their ideal weight. If a person is grossly over their proper poundage, they need to change their diet to one that is more nutritious and low in calories. Lean proteins such as broiled chicken, fish or tofu, an array of fresh veggies and fruits, whole grains and lots of water will do the trick. Not just a quickie diet, either. In order to maintain a proper weight, a person needs to makeover their eating habits. Beginning to think that dessert equals fresh fruit rather than deep-fried ice cream is an example of a re-trained dietary brain.
- Lipo will not build muscle tone. If a person wants to become stronger and have six-pack abs, they will need to incorporate an exercise regime into their lifestyle. Lipo may remove excess inches from the belly, but in order to have the six-pack appearance, the muscles must be built up and strengthened.
- This procedure will not produce a miraculous transformation overnight. There will be a recovery process that may involve drains to remove accumulations of fluid and the wearing of a compression garment. It will take some time for the body to redistribute and settle into the new fat composition of the body. The region may initially appear lumpy post-operatively.
- Liposuction will not permanently keep a person slim if they do not continue to maintain their healthy new patterns of diet and exercise. Healthy nutrition should become a way of life. Daily doses of exercise should be enjoyable and varied so that it doesn’t feel boring and therefore be discontinued. Walks around the block, going dancing, bowling, swimming and taking yoga classes can increase the quality of happiness in one’s life. A healthy lifestyle is an important act of self respect and self compassion. The person who takes care of him or herself feels better, looks better and is more fun to be around.

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