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Obesity is a common health problem experienced by a many people in the UK. Recent studies have deduced that a shock treatment can help in eliminating a tendency towards binge eating, which is a common factor in causing obesity. Read below to learn more on the topic and other obesity treatments.

Obesity is generally defined as the excess accumulation of fats in your body,Guest Posting ultimately leading to several and frequent health problems. This condition, until recently was simply considered a cosmetic concern, but as time went on, it turned out to be much more than a mere cosmetic concern. Obesity is measured in terms of BMI – body mass index, meaning that you weight should be in a specific range based on your height and gender. A person who has a BMI of 30 or above are said to be obese. Obesity is a condition that, apart from foiling your day to day activities, can also lead to severe health problems such as diabetes or cardiovascular diseases.

Most of the times, people become obese because of unhealthy eating habits, eating a lot of junk foods and food with a high fat content. Furthermore, today’s lifestyle around the world has become sedentary in comparison to what was earlier. Technology has led to a person sitting in front of a computer screen for most part of the day, which does not help in maintaining your weight. People also find it hard to find time for physical exercise, which only contributes to the factors leading a person to becoming an obese. These days it’s just to easy to go to the shops using public transport or a car, rather than walking.

These factors can lead a person to keep on gaining more pounds and become prone to life threatening health problems. Hence, it is important that you treat this condition at the earliest and effectively. Scientists conducting research on various methods of treating obesity and have found a new method that is known work on people, who have a habit of binge eating, which can lead to obesity. People, who have a habit of binge eating, have a dysregulated area in their brain, called the nucleus accumbens. Dr. Halpern, who conducted this research on mice, targeted this particular brain region with a deep brain stimulation.

An electrode was implanted in the in the nucleus accumbens, while wires connected the electrode with a neuro-stimulator. Through this device, continuous electric pulses were delivered to the brain. It was observed that when this procedure was carried out every alternate day, nearly 60% decrease was observed in their binge eating. It is said that this shock or electrical pulses do not destroy any part of your brain and that it is not painful. The research team believes that similar results can be obtained if tried with human beings tool. However, until further research is conducted in this area, Xenical weight loss tablets are the only treatments available

Xenical is currently the only prescription weight loss treatment available in the UK, because it’s able to provide satisfactory yet safe results. It contains orlistat as its active ingredient, which plays the major role in treating of obesity. This tablet works by not allowing nearly 30% of the fats that you have consumed through your meal to be absorbed and digested. This helps in the reducing the amount of fat that is stored in your body. If this tablet is taken along with a healthy diet and regular physical exercise, you can benefit within than three months only. 

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