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Clothing that are branded are highly recognizable by customers simply because brands spend millions of dollars to market their name while non-branded clothes or smaller labels or imported overseas barely have recognition. The great thing about small labels or non-branded clothes is that they can be purchased and resold a lot less than branded clothing.

Non-branded items are also available if you want to go shopping online for clothes that aren’t expensive but have no label.

So how does one choose between selling non-branded clothes over branded clothes?

For rookies,Guest Posting knowing your customers would definitely help. If your customers have low incomes, they would probably love having branded clothes but sadly they can’t afford it so they would settle for non-branded ones. On the other hand, if your customers are well off then they would definitely buy branded clothes alone because of the pressure they are pressed with in terms of keeping up with the latest styles.

However, the above may only be true in the theoretical world since in the real world, everyone wants branded clothing.

So the trick here is knowing how, as a seller, can you buy brand name clothing in order to be sold to customers who are poor with prices that won’t hurt their pockets?

The solution to that would be by purchasing overstock clothing.

What are overstock clothing? Well, they are the clothes that a department store did not sell within a set period of time. A department store wants to always have new merchandise on its racks. Whatever does not sell within a set period of time will be sold out as overstock.

You have great opportunities since overstock clothing consists of brand names and you can get a hold of clothes at a fraction of the regular wholesale price and better yet, they are from a leading brand name too.

The thing here is when you purchase clothes on online auctions, you will receive of a wide assortment of styles and sizes and you can’t specify the number of pants or skirts or sizes for that matter.

Though this fact doesn’t really stop the others from shopping online for clothes that are branded, especially if they can get their hands on Tommy, Liz Claiborne, Baby Phat, Ralph Lauren at very low prices.

However, it will always be your choice if you want to resell branded clothes or non-branded ones, remember that there are great deals in online auctions and overstock clothes.

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