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Finches are wonderfully social birds. As they come in many different varieties you can be assured of seeing lots of variety at your Finch feeder. While birds like hummingbirds and Orioles may prefer nectar, Finches are strictly seed-loving birds. They especially love eating Nyjer seeds, Thistle seeds and the seed heads from tall weeds.

There are different types of Finch feeders available on the market. You will need to decide what sort of Finches you want in your garden and how many should come and visit you.

While you’re placing your feeders in the garden do try and take into account that each type of Finch has different feeding requirements. House Finches are extremely sociable birds. They will gather at the feeding stations in groups as large as 30 or more birds at a time. Therefore your Finch feeder should be big enough to accommodate them.

An Adjustable Thistle Seed Finch Feeder is an ideal type of feeder. Here 18 different birds can perch on the colorful stands and eat their fill of thistle seeds. The adjustable feeder has three interlocking adjustable pieces to it. This feature allows you to clean the feeder very quickly and easily. The clear tube of the feeder allows you to see how much of seeds there are remaining in the Finch feeder. The drain sponge at the bottom of the tube makes sure that all moisture leaves the feeder; this keeps the seeds dry and fresh for the Finches. The birds that love this feeder design are Goldfinches,Guest Posting Finches, Grosbeaks, Redpolls and Siskins

The Small Nyjer Mesh Finch Feeder is constructed from mesh and has a protective polycarbonate collar both at the top and the bottom. This keeps the tube’s shape and protects both you and the Finches from the sharp edges. This mesh covering makes this Finch Feeder great for small birds to cling and eat the Nyjer seeds. The baffle design directs the seeds towards the birds, allowing them to get at the seeds with ease. The mesh keeps the seeds dry and lets Chickadees, Finches, Goldfinches, Redpolls and Siskins enjoy eating at this feeder.

The Medium Nyjer Mesh Finch Feeder shares almost all of the traits of the small feeder. Instead of holding only three fourths of a quart of Nyjer seeds, you can place about 1 quart of the Nyjer seeds in the feeder. With this feeder you will get the same visitors to your garden as with the Small Nyjer Mesh Finch Feeder.

As you can see you have a large choice as to what Finch Feeder you’ll place in your garden and what types of Finches that you get the chance to see day in and day out. And if none of these Finch Feeders suit your purpose you could always switch to feeding hummingbirds instead and get a hummingbird nectar feeder!

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