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Shotguns, particularly the Semi- automatic, have been around for many years now. It is a shotgun that is chosen by many hunters and shooters.

Shotguns,Guest Posting particularly the Semi- automatic, have been around for many years now. It is a shotgun that is chosen by many hunters and shooters. Though they are not as great as pump or slide-action shotguns, you won’t go wrong buying them as they will surely not fail you in terms of reliability and dependability. Also, the reduced recoil of semi-auto scatterguns can help smaller folks handle a shotgun's recoil better than other actions.

When we talk of semi- automatic shotguns, there are variety of choices you can choose from. To help you with, here are some of the the top 3 most pick shotguns maker of most shooters and their gun reviews.

Remington Shotguns

Founded in 1816 by Eliphalet Remington in Llion, New York and is considered as one of the popular firearms maker in the world. Remington is also known as the largest and one of the most profitable producers of rifles and shotguns in the U.S. Remington firearms are actually distributed in more than 60 countries around the world. Among the popular Remington shotgun is the Remington's 1100. This shotgus has been around for many years now and still going stronger. The shotgun was actually produced early in 1960 and it was the first modern, successful, gas operated shotgun. Remington Model 1100 shotguns are classics, it have stood the test of time. The Remington Model 1100 shotguns feature a highly polished blued metal finish, semi-fancy walnut stock with a high gloss finish, and light contour (except in 28 and .410 gauge) ventilated rib barrels with special Rem choke tubes and twin bead sights. Models include the Tournament Skeet (12 and 20 gauge), Classic Trap (12 gauge), and Sporting (12, 20, 28, and .410). Model 1100's remain among the most popular of all competition autoloaders.

Mossberg Shotguns

High quality weapons, dependable and provides a great shot, these are the Mossberg shotguns which are built to world class standards and are considered leaders in the firearms industry. Out of all the Mossberg shotguns, the Model 500 and 590 are the most popular one. It has been on the market for many decades and now has sold in the millions. This shotguns comes in different variation such as something like 17 hunting and special purpose models, even including a 12 gauge/.50 caliber, fully rifled muzzleloading combination model. Other variations include the standard field models plus slug (including fully rifled), Bantam (youth), turkey, waterfowl, security, and combination models supplied with more than one barrel.

Benelli Shotguns

Known for his good reputation created in the industry, offer unique style that blends angles with curves for a shotgun like no other, these are the Benelli shotguns. , Benelli autoloaders, instead of a gas, use an inertia system to operate the action.

I hope these gun reviews can help you in choosing the best shotgun maker for you!

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