How To Make Perfume Oils At Home

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How to make perfume oils is quite easy and simple.  You may even use available ingredients at home like vegetable oil, flower petals and old bottles for your perfume.

Learning how to make perfume oils can be beneficial. It will allow you to make your personalized scent and you can save money because you do not need to spend it on very costly perfumes.  Once you master this art of making scented oils,Guest Posting you might even start your own business selling customized perfumes to other people.  Start By Choosing Your Base OilFor your base oil, you may want to choose the inexpensive vegetable oil. When using vegetable oil as base, make sure you will use it up quickly as it smells rancid and sour fast. Invest more on grape seed or almond oil if you want a scent that is velvety smooth and light weight.  Select Your ScentThe base oil does not have any scent so you need to choose a fragrance that will be added to the base.  You would need to use essential oils in order to create your own scented oil.  They are every potent extracts of herbs and flowers. Take a tour in aromatherapy shops where you could sample various scents and choose those that suit you.  Look For Perfume ContainersYou may look around the house to search for some old bottles with tight fitting stoppers or lids. Put the old bottles in a saucepan filled with water added with some drops of dish or liquid soap. Let the bottles roll in boiling water and then drain with a towel.  If there are none, you could simply just buy new bottles in which to store your scented oil.  Ideal containers are those that are dark colored so that light rays will be blocked and prevented from damaging the oil. You can also find fragrances in your garden. If you have flowers in the yard, like the strong-smelling hyacinth or lilac, simply get about one cup of flower petals and place them in a plastic bag. Be sure there is the least possible amount of air in the bag before sealing it.  Bruise the petals, but do not mash it using a mallet. Bruising will open the tiny fragrance pouches in the petals and release the scent. Make Your Perfume OilFirst, fill 2/3 of the container with your base. For bottles with narrow opening, use a funnel when pouring so that there will be no spills or you could use a fitting medicine dropper. Afterward, add your selected fragrance drop after drop. For each scent, you should choose a different dropper. Let the mixture sit for a few hours after adding a drop of scent. To know whether the formulation is already okay, smell the aroma by rubbing a small amount on your wrist.  It will be helpful to record and track the measurements of base and fragrance oil you mix together so that you can make the same formulation again without the need to experiment anymore.  Once done, store the bottle in a cool, dark place for about two weeks to allow the scent to completely infuse into the oil.  Make sure that the bottle is tightly sealed.Experiment With Fragrance BlendsIn order to find the most suitable fragrance, you may try and experiment on different oil blends. You may also choose an essential oil based on its aromatherapy properties. If you want to have scented oil you can use for massaging, add some drops of lavender that helps make a person relax.  The scent of grapefruit, on the other hand, can motivate and refresh.

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