Mixing Custom Furniture with Thrift Store Finds

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Mixing high and low end home furnishings, such as custom furniture and thrift store finds, is a convenient way to fit your budget. You'll also end up with a much more unique and individualized home.

When creating your home furnishing budget,Guest Posting mixing high and low end finds can help you get exactly what you want while keeping more money in your pocket. Deals from thrift stores can live harmoniously beside custom furniture if you have a good eye for aesthetics, don't mind a bit of refurbishing work, and put in the necessary effort. Creativity and patience will serve you well and can help prevent a house full of matching and uninspired mid-range bedroom and living room sets.

For some items, the higher price can be worth the craftsmanship, such as custom furniture. If you have your heart set on a particular style, material, or size, sometimes the only way to do it is to pay the extra to get exactly what you want for your home. Modifying pre-existing pieces is another great way to alter the shape or specs to suit a new house if you are moving. There are some items, such as entertainment cabinets, that are difficult to buy pre-made at a store as the dimensions may not suit your existing television, may not be tall enough, or may lack the storage space you need. Whatever the reason, you can be assured you're getting perfection if you get it built to order.

Once you've picked up your more pricey items, bargain shopping is a great way to cut down on the expenses of furnishing your home, as well as find some unique pieces that may be vintage or antique. If you have very restricted finances, thrift stores often carry sofas, dining sets, and bedroom pieces for a fraction of the cost that they would be new. Damage is common, but can be fixed or simply used temporarily until you can afford something newer. You may get lucky and find something that is in near mint condition. Thrift shopping for items is also great for hobbyists. Instead of picking completed and ready to use items, you can scrape together something from several or use your skills to create some practical modifications. Even if you are planning on buying mostly new or custom furniture, you can get some cheap filler items like small end tables or things for use outside that will go through more wear and tear.

More and more people are using the Internet as a pricing research tool as well as a way to find the best discounts. Auction sites and local community message boards (as well as traditional newspaper classifieds) not only have ads for people selling used home furnishings, but stores that are having big sales or closeout events will advertise as well. Traditional auctions, which depending on the location can be held weekly or monthly, also can offer some great deals for those willing to put in the effort. Check the papers for other budget goldmines such as garage and estate sales, which are most common on the weekends. If you find a good deal online, print it out and bring it to your local store for some comparison-shopping. Many will honor a lower competitor's price, which can save you on the shipping costs.

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